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Me time: Motivation to exercise

It seems like everyone and everything needs your attention — but nothing needs your attention for every single minute of every day. Why not set aside one hour of each day for yourself? During that hour, you will not take care of anyone but you.

Get motivation to exercise

Woman with a clockIt’s hard to find the motivation to exercise. As a long-time procrastinator, I know whereof I speak. Even so, I feel much better about myself when I’m exercising regularly than when I’m not. Which is why, regardless of how long I indulge in a sedentary lifestyle, I eventually find a way to work exercise into my weekly routine. I would urge you to do the same.

Believe me when I say I know all of the excuses you are coming up with at this moment. In fact, I’ve used many of them myself. “I don’t like to exercise.” “I’m too tired.” “I’m too out-of-shape.” “I’d rather stick a piece of barbed wire in my ear and pull it out through my nose.” (Interesting visual, isn’t it?) And, my all-time personal favorite, “I don’t have time.”

Well, you can no longer claim a lack of time: We found you a whole hour a day to use however you want. Recently, I’ve been going to a 6:30 am aerobics class at my local gym. That’s right. I’m movin’ and shakin’ it when the sun comes up. And I’m a night owl by nature. But I couldn’t find the time or energy to exercise at night, so I’m sacrificing a little sleep to get in my hour of exercise a day.

Find what works

You have to find what works for you. Maybe it’s nothing more than a brisk walk around the neighborhood. Or you could join a health club and attend early morning or late evening classes. Or you could run on a treadmill. Or you could buy a couple of workout videos and dance around in front of your TV. Don’t laugh. I’ve done it before when it was my only exercise option.

You don’t have to exercise every day either. You’re only getting one hour to yourself out of 24. You may choose to exercise for half of that — three to five days a week. It’s up to you. It’s your Me Time.

Of course, you may choose not to exercise at all during your hour, and that’s okay. I’d stay away from the barbed wire, though.

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