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Instant summer romance

Summer is here, the days are heating up. Don’t get stuck in the rut of having nothing to do with each other this summer. Heat things up with these exciting low-cost ideas to spur on the instant romance!

Eat out.
Not in the usual way! Make each others favorite foods, take along that chilled bottle of champagne, some strawberries and splurge in the park. Take along that portable cassette or CD player and listen to soft romantic music.

After your romantic picnic lay in the sun and bask in the rays and the company you are keeping. Don’t forget that sunscreen! There is something ultimately sensual about laying on the ground in the warm sun while your sweetheart caresses your body with his hands!

Dive in.
Go to a remote beach where there is almost no one that visits and take a quiet swim together. Not only will you find yourself unwind, but you will remember all of the times when you had done the same things while dating. This can turn into quite the romantic interlude so make sure that the beach isn’t busy!

Get messy.
Working outside together, whether it be mowing and raking the lawn, planting your gardens or putting a fresh coat of paint on your fence can be the ticket for fun and romance. Forget about getting messy, the wash can wait till later.

Surprise him with a douse of the sprinkler when he isn’t looking and watch the excitement grow! This is a guaranteed way to get interactive!

Get off of the couch.
Leave the couch potato in you till the winter and explore the beauty in what is blooming outdoors! Stroll around your neighborhood holding hands and just be together. Holding hands is something that many married couples no longer do.

Touching is key to feeling at one with the other. If he isn’t comfortable holding hands, don’t worry! Let your time together be what pulls you closer!

Swing a little.
Not that kind of swinging people! Let the monkeys loose! There are parks everywhere, but guess what? Parks aren’t JUST for kids! Have some fun together and don’t worry about who is watching! Whether you are swinging on the swings or going down the slide let go and let the romantic nature of each other blossom!

Grab the balloons!
Have a water balloon fight, preferably in a “dark” t-shirt so your neighbors don’t have more fun than you! Get soaked and have a blast! Another great idea for a water fight is to invest in water guns. Play tag at the park and see who comes out the most drenched!

With all of those ideas I think that one of the best ways to be romantic while fun is to let loose of the inhibitions that we hold each day. You don’t need to worry with your husband! He knows you and the spontaneity that will elevate from you will be enough to get him going.

There is enough stress in our lives, and these ideas are a great way to learn to get back the “life” in your relationship. You don’t need to spend huge dollars to have a fantastic summer, just the two of you and some fabulous ideas!

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