Common sexual fears in women

One of the main reasons that women often do not enjoy sex or a specific type of sex is because they are afraid of something. It may sound silly, but it’s true. There are a number of fears that we girls have concerning sex, which range from unwanted pregnancy and possible diseases to body issues and other concerns. Here’s a look.

Pregnancy fears

With everything that’s out there — from birth control pills to condoms and other forms of protection — you would think concerns about Common sexual fearsunwanted pregnancy wouldn’t stop anyone from enjoying a good time. It happens, though. Some women even say that they do not like vaginal sex or penetration because of this.
If that is the case, it’s important to remember that if you are on birth control and using other forms of protection (condoms and spermicide) then the likelihood of any pregnancy is extremely small. If you are not on birth control and you do not practice safe sex then you should — especially when it comes to practicing safe sex. It could mean the difference between living a long healthy life and having serious health problems.

Emotional issues

Women are intimate creatures and we have a tendency to worry about our feelings so much that sometimes it affects our relationships. Some women are afraid that having sex with a man will give him the wrong impression of her. Others are not emotionally supported through the sexual experience.
If the loving and nurturing experience is missing it could be hard for some women to feel connected and enjoy making love. Fixing this could be as easy as talking to your partner and letting him see that you need more TLC when it comes to your bedroom relationship.

Letting go

I will admit that it can be hard to just relax and let go sometimes. Sex can be intimidating for some people. Abandoning all inhibitions and just going with whatever happens is a truly daunting task.
This problem is biggest for women that are raised to believe that sex is wrong. However, many of these women find that if they attempt to relax (sometimes longer foreplay sessions help) and look at things in a different way, they can conquer their fear and enjoy sex in a whole new way.

Appearance of the body

It’s bad enough having body issues at all, but some women are not only embarrassed about various body parts, they are scared of what goes on in their vaginal area. Does it look acceptable? Does it smell or taste alright? These fears, while natural, are also unnecessary. In most cases all you need is the standard soap and water and you will be perfect for whatever comes your way. (No pun intended.) The best thing you can do is talk to your lover about your fears. If these fears are stopping you from having sex then your partner needs to know. Otherwise, you may end up affecting your relationship in a negative manner. However, if you take the time to talk about things you just might be able to conquer your fear as a couple.


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