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The sex moves he will always remember

It’s always a good idea to sneak over to the “other side” and get a guy’s opinion on what sex moves make sex unforgettable. (As in, he’s still thinking about it an hour, a week, a year later!) We rounded up a few opinions from real men around the web to give you a naughty idea or two for tonight.

1. The mirror trick

In a classic Cosmopolitan story, one strategic move cemented itself as mind-blowing in one guy’s mind“She went down on me, naked, with a mirror placed behind her.”

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Grabbing a mirror is easy, inexpensive, and if you know your man likes pornography and you’d rather be the girl in the movie than watch a skin flick with him, then this is the way to go. With a floor-length mirror behind you, he’ll see everything — and we mean everything! — you’re doing, just like in the movies, except way better, because he’s watching himself. For men, sex doesn’t get much better than that.

2. Self-pleasure

Another real-life guy from the Cosmo piece said while he kissed his girlfriend, she’d reach down and masturbate. Talk about an ego boost for him. If he’s kissing you and it’s so pleasurable that you can’t control yourself (or your hands), now that’s a vote of confidence.

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3. It’s all about the attitude

You don’t even have to go crazy to give your guy something to think about. Instead, try letting go and going with the flow. At, one commenter said he loves a woman who enjoys herself: “I love when a girl rides me, just being able to watch her body move and her hair flow as she looks into my eyes while moaning drives me crazy.”

4. The imaginary threesome

And one more from the Cosmopolitan story: “Si” said one of his favorite moments in the sack was when his partner gave commentary on an imaginary threesome they were having with another woman. That’s one way to have a threesome experience without actually going through with it.

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