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Sex toys after years of no sex: A reader question

I received the following comment on a review of a sex toy, The Chandra, which I posted previously: “I was married for 25 years — and have been divorced now for three. When I was married, I had toys – but got rid of them when I got rid of him. I haven’t had sex for at least four years now – and am interested in purchasing a toy — but really don’t know where to start. Suggestions?”

My immediate thought is: What goals are you attempting to achieve with the sex toy? Obviously, you want the pleasure of sex. dildo.jpgHowever, are you (or were you) more interested in penetration or do you prefer clitoral stimulation? The reason this is important is because there are toys made specifically for each purpose.If you just want something that simulates sex you could easily choose a Cyberskin Dildo that offers a realistic feel and texture and call it a day. If you want vibrations, however, you might prefer a Wahl or a Hitachi as these are pretty high-level toys and well worth what you will pay. If you are more sensitive and do not need a strong vibration, I would go with the Wahl over the Hitachi, as the Hitachi is incredibly intense. The vibrations on both are excellent, but the attachments make them worthwhile. In the case of the Wahl, there are seven attachments that end up making it seem like a new toy every time you switch the attachment. Another good option is called the Flex-A-Pleaser. I have tried this and it’s not only inexpensive and a good “break-in” vibrator, but it’s also a good multi-purpose vibrator. You can use it for penetration, g-spot stimulation, clitoral stimulation, and even anal penetration if you so desire.The abovementioned toys will certainly provide some memorable moments of exploration. If you are interested in something more specific feel free to let me know. I would be more than happy to recommend something else if I didn’t hit the nail on the head this time.

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