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Tummy-hiding tips during sex

Let’s face it, ladies. Whether you are suffering from an impending period, a bloated day, stretch marks from a prior pregnancy, or you just are self-conscious because you have a few pounds to lose, there are days when you don’t feel sexy — and it all relates to tummy (or some other part of the body) fat.

The good news is that sex can make you feel better! The bad news is that you don’t want to have sex because of the way you feel you look. So, I have compiled a few ideas that might make you focus less on the tummy and more on something more pleasurable, instead.

Find a new position
If you are lying on your back and you feel fat, you can just imagine the feel of your tummy spreading across the bed. This probably isn’t the image that you want. This is why you should try something new! Tummy-hiding lingerieA good option is going to be “doggy style.” If you are facing away from your lover, he is going to be less likely to notice that little bulge. Additionally, you can lean on your elbows rather than your palms to keep things even more secure. Another position that would work is the over the bed from behind position. Even on top facing away from your lover might work.

Wear something sexy
I know you’re thinking this is hard to pull off when you’re not feeling at your best. I don’t know about you, but when I’m having one of those days I want to curl up in some old t-shirt and hide my fat the best I can. However, some sexy lingerie will cover you up in the right spots (you can buy it to suit your needs) and it will make you feel sexy — which will make your sexual experience better. All in all, it’s a win-win situation.

Give him control
If you like the missionary position, consider giving him the reigns for awhile. You can ask him (or beg him, for a kinkier effect) to hold your hands above your head. As he holds you down, your arms will be outstretched and that will offer a visible difference in your body, especially around the tummy. This also makes plenty of guys excited, and can add a new element to your bedroom fun.

Of course, these are just a few tips you can use when you’re tired of the completely dark room and old t-shirts. There are many other options you can try! In fact, you might know some, too. If so, let us know what works for you on those unflattering days. I told you my secrets, now you tell me yours…

Shown above: Leigh Bantivoglio Lila Silk Mini Slip from Bare Necessities

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