For The Goddess In You: Nourish yourself on a date for one

It is so important that we nourish ourselves — body, mind and spirit — and treat ourselves like goddesses. Being kind to ones self is a healthy habit to get into, and the best way to get into the groove is to set aside “Goddess Time” each week for you, and you alone!

We give so much to others, why be stingy with ourselves? Whether in a relationship, hoping to be, or simply enjoying single life, a date with ones self is a powerful metaphor for self-nourishment. And it is the first and most important step toward a balanced, loving relationships with others.

Where to begin?
Imagine there is someone in your life you can depend on to pamper, heal and revitalize you, and treat you royally — for at least a few undisturbed hours each week. Now, imagine that “someone” is YOU. Pick something that would bring you great pleasure – an activity, an experience, or a material gift — and agree to give it to yourself.

Start off with something simple. Try a “self love bath.” Crown yourself Queen for a Day or Goddess for several hours a week — and pamper yourself. Buy beautiful candles, scented oils, flowers. Draw a bath. Play relaxing and sensual music. Slip into the warm water, daydream and allow yourself to bask in the energy of love.

It truly creates an impression in your own mind and spirit that you are someone who deserves royal treatment and who is willing to receive it! I cannot tell you how much a simple act of self-love will bring you closer to receiving pampering from others. At the most basic level — a nice warm bath with candles is very relaxing and it gives you a chance to meditate… and get a new perspective on life. How do I love me? Let me count the ways
Other simple delights include: light a candle and relax in a favorite chair for 15 minutes; take yourself to a movie, out to dinner or to a museum exhibit you’ve been meaning to see; buy yourself a small gift. The best way to keep your soul nourished is to create an ongoing environment for this nourishment.

Date yourself regularly
Many of us take time out for ourselves just once in awhile and neglect to create the foundation for ongoing revitalization. Why not carve out time and put things in order so that you can access these experiences of self-love and care regularly? This may mean keeping your favorite bath oil and candles on hand at all times, or ensuring that you have several hours a week alone, to yourself. Think of it this way: if you were dating someone special, wouldn’t you go out of your way to make dates and focus attention on the relationship? Do it for yourself, first. This sets the groundwork for others to treat you like the goddess you are!


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