Splenda: Truly splendid!

Splenda is the brand name for sucralose — the newest non-nutritive sweetener to hit the market. Claiming it’s the only sugar substitute “made from sugar,” that “tastes like sugar,” can Splenda help you satisfy those sweet cravings and help you maintain your low-carb lifestyle?

Sugar — but not sugar
Sucralose is indeed made from sugar. Sugar is converted to sucralose through a multistep manufacturing process that selectively changes three of the hydrogen-oxygen groups on the sugar molecule. The result is a substance that still tastes like sugar (only much sweeter) that the body does not recognize. Since it can’t be metabolized, it does not raise insulin levels — that’s sweet news for those watching their carbs.

One cup of Splenda contains just 96 calories and 24g carbohydrates. A big difference from the 770 calories and 192g carbohydrates in one cup of sugar.

Each 1 teaspoon serving, or one packet, of Splenda contains .9g carbohydrates and 4 calories. US labeling laws allow any products under 5 calories per serving to be labled “zero” or “no calorie.”