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Are you ready to be CrossFit?

SheKnows most of us so some kind of exercise. But, she knows that most of us could work out a little more regularly. And, those of you who are gym regulars, can always use a change in the exercise routine. That’s where CrossFit comes in.

 Whether beginning a workout regiment or a serious athlete, the very effective, quick-to-complete, little equipment required workouts will challenge even the most-toned athlete… really. Basically, you go to the website and each day is posted a workout. That’s it. If you’re in great shape, it will take you about 30 minutes… others of us may need longer. The work outs are adjustable. Let’s say you can’t to a pull up. Then you can stand on a chair, or use the gym equipment to give you assistance, or do jumping pull-ups. Or you could just pull yourself up a couple inches and hold it for a second or two. If the exercises are unfamiliar to you or difficult to visualize or complete, CrossFit makes alternative recommendations. crossfit.jpgThese exercises are designed to challenge the strong and fit. They are also designed to burn the maximum amount of calories in a small period of time. The workouts are designed to be streamlined. It’s the less is more approach. There isn’t a lot of equipment. In fact, they design the workouts so they can be accomplished with a minimum of time with a minimum of equipment. Lots of the exercises use your body weight, like lunges, squats, push- and pull-ups. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Listen to your brain, not your body and check out

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