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Products for Foot Pain Your Podiatrist Swears By

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Does this sound familiar: You get up in the morning and as soon as your feet hit the floor, you recoil in pain because of your plantar fasciitis? Or maybe you’ve always struggled with heel spurs and wearing shoes just doesn’t feel comfortable. Unfortunately, foot pain is common although it makes sense considering how often we use, and rely, on our footsies.  

“A significant proportion of the foot pain we assess in the office presents as heel and/or arch pain, ingrown toenail pain, or great toe joint pain,” podiatrist Dr. Anne Sharkey tells SheKnows. “Heel and arch pain most commonly onset after a change in shoes, activity patterns or exercise routines and can be due to a variety of causes including a tight calf muscle complex, foot structure, and poor shoe gear.” For most of these problems, Sharkey recommends seeking a podiatry evaluation if you are not seeing improvement within five to seven days of treatment at home, or sooner if pain is worsening or signs of infection develop.

Before you connect with your doctor, podiatrists provided their favorite foot care and foot pain relief products that will hopefully alleviate the suffering so you can get back to running, walking, dancing, jumping, and all the wonderful things you can do with your feet.

Pedestrian Project Cracked Heel Repair

Pedestrian Project cracked heel repair balm

Image: Amazon

“This combines five powerful, natural ingredients to soothe, moisturize and repair the skin.”

Dry, cracked heels can be both a painful and unsightly problem that patients are seeking treatment for. We tend to see more patients looking for treatment in the summer months when our heels spend more time exposed while wearing sandals,” Sharkey says. “Dry, cracked heels are caused in large part by a damaged skin barrier so our best defense in treatment is to use heel balms to soothe and repair the skin.” That’s why this cracked heel repair balm is the ticket.

Pedestrian Project Cracked Heel Repair $14

Propet One Women’s Walking Sneakers

Propet one women's walking sneaker

Image: Amazon

“These stylish sneakers feature mesh uppers, which flex as you move and provide comfort and gentle support,” Dr. Jeffrey Hurless, board-certified podiatrist and foot/ankle surgeon, tells SheKnows. “You’ll love the breathable fabric because it keeps the moisture to a minimum for healthier and happier feet. Additionally, the heel contour gives you added arch and ankle support. The extra-deep toe box gives you lots of space and reduces pressure as you step down.” These Propet One sneakers aren’t necessarily for a trail run, but will get you from errand to errand in comfort.

Propet One Women’s Walking Walking Sneakers  $60

Mt. Emey 9708 Extrem-Light Athletic Walking Shoes

Mt. Emey 9708 Men's Extrem-Light Athletic Walking Shoes

Image: Amazon

According to Hurless, with the contoured footbeds and adjustable lace uppers, these Mt. Emey 9708 Extrem-Light Athletic Walking Shoes are a great addition to your collection. “The extra-deep and wide toe boxes provide all-day comfort. The EVA outsoles offer shock absorption to help decrease foot and leg pain. Simply use the removable insoles to personalize your arch support.”

Mt. Emey 9708 Extrem-Light Athletic Walking Shoe $135

Naboso Splay Gel Toe Stretcher

Naboso splay toe stretchers

Image: Amazon

“A product that I swear by as a podiatrist for foot pain is toe spacers,”  Alissa Kuizinas, a board certified podiatrist specializing in holistic and functional foot health, tells SheKnows. “While they may seem minor, toe spacers go a long way toward realigning feet that are misshapen by shoes, and can help relieve toe pain, bunion pain, plantar fasciitis pain, and a number of other issues. They also help strengthen the small intrinsic muscles in the feet which ultimately stabilize us when we walk. Wearing toe spacers is an easy way to combat foot pain, build stronger feet, and recover after a long day on our feet or a night out in bad shoes.” Try these comfy gel Naboso Splay Toe Stretchers for just $30 on Amazon.

Naboso Splay Toe Stretcher $30

Tiger Balm Sport Rub Pain Relieving Ointment

Tiger balm sport rub

Image: Amazon

“One of my favorite foot pain products, which I often recommend to patients, is capsaicin,” Dr. Bruce Pinker, a board-certified podiatrist, tells SheKnows. “It is especially helpful for some cases of neuropathy, especially diabetic neuropathy, which we treat on a regular basis. Capsaicin is available over-the-counter as a generic compound in most pharmacies. It is also available as the branded product Tiger Balm.”

Tiger Balm Sport Rub $23

Aspercreme Max Strength Lidocaine Cream

Aspercreme with lidocaine

Image: Amazon

“If you are having pain and are waiting to be evaluated by a doctor, you may be able to try a lidocaine cream to help numb the affected area,” Dr. Rebecca Stack, a board-certified podiatrist tells SheKnows. “Additionally, a reusable ice pack can be helpful to reduce pain and inflammation, but should only be used for up to 20 minutes at a time.” Start with Aspercreme lidocaine foot cream until you find some relief.

Aspercreme Max Strength Lidocaine Foot Cream $10

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