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‘What Planet Can I Blame for This?’ Your Guide to Astrology & the Vibes for April 2023

Spring is in the air! Which means new beginnings and a sense of grounding that might’ve escaped us for the first few months of 2023. April starts in fiery Aries season, a couple weeks after the spring equinox, and ends with slow-yet-steady Taurus. We also have the first Mercury retrograde of the year happening this month to help us blame our problems on. Here’s more on what to expect from the stars this month.

Think before you speak

On April 3,  Mercury enters Taurus, which according to astrologer  Liz Simmons, we will want to think before we speak! “When this Mercurial energy is in effect, it will have a plodding pace with mental agility, conversations, and communication style,” she tells SheKnows. “Words may slowly but surely come together, so expect to think and speak at a glacier-like pace during Mercury in Taurus.” You might approach even the slightest chit chat with caution as a result, so small talk might be off the table. If you do want to strike up an important conversation, Simmons advises to let it unfold naturally, easily, and carefully – “but be mindful of becoming overly stubborn with your opinion since Mercury in Taurus can potentially become dogmatic.”

What’s worth your commitment?

A Full Moon in Libra on April 6th will bring forth the idea of reciprocity, justice, and peace, says Simmons, which might be the perfect time to decide on which commitments and relationships are worth continuing versus the ones that need some realignment. “The last six months may have challenged us to consider who and what instills a sense of harmony in our lives,” she says. “Since Libra is represented as the scales, the full moon could also bring something to light since the truth will set us free.” So be on the lookout for a comment or tidbit of information that could bring a sense of justice with it. “The main thing we can learn from this full moon is to focus on the commitments and relationships that reciprocate our effort,” Simmons explains. “Since this is an airy full moon, we should focus on our breathwork in our full moon ritual. Yin yoga and meditation are excellent ways to find alignment within your body and mind during this full moon!”

Time to get your flirt on

Venus, the planet of love, enters the light-hearted and chatty sign of Gemini on April 11, so get ready for some flirting and (mentally stimulating) fun for the next four weeks. “Overall, Venus in Gemini is an excellent transit to focus on communication, active listening, and sharing curiosities in love,” Simmons says. “Venus in Gemini could be a celestial incentive to be more open-minded in love, so we may find ourselves sharing more about our hobbies or trying new things on dates just for the hell of it. Aside from this, being fluid in conversation will be key since Venus in Gemini needs that mental stimulation from an ever-flowing, ever-evolving conversation that can head in any direction without judgment.”

For singles, Simmons recommends using this transit to play the field. “Gemini is the sign of the twins, so this may infer that there are plenty of options in love to choose from during Venus in Gemini,” she says. “Dating around and outside of your usual type is recommended since Venus in Gemini will have a curious itch that’s worth scratching. But this is a fickle transit, so don’t expect to be tied down right away.”

On the other hand, for couples, Venus in Gemini might be the right time to open up the conversation to share curiosities within your relationship whether it’s sexual curiosities or hobbies and pastimes. “Venus in Gemini may inspire couples to be more open-minded about sharing activities, like taking a class or spending a day doing things both individuals like,” Simmons explains. “There might even be a more light-hearted conversation about what the future may look like, so this could be an excellent transit to keep discussions more easygoing.”

Taurus season begins April 20

The season of the bull kicks off on April 20, which, Simmons says, will help us feel more steady and stable, so we can enjoy the beauty that’s all around since spring is in full swing. However, she cautions the beginning of this Taurus season will actually start off a little chaotic since the sun will enter Taurus on the same day as the new moon hybrid solar eclipse in Aries, and Mercury will retrograde in Taurus a day later. “So, the beginning of this Taurus season may feel more like we’re trying to regain control over our lives,” Simmons says. “But try as we may, it might be better to roll with the punches since the eclipse portal and Mercury retrograde is going to unfold as it’s destined to, which means that we’ll be lacking control regardless of what we do.”

But aside from the craziness at the beginning of Taurus season, Simmons says we can learn to appreciate living slowly yet surely from the sign of the bull. “Now is the time to literally stop and smell the roses since Taurus is a pleasure-seeking earth sign,” she explains. “So, we may feel more inclined to live lavishly during this season. Decorating our homes, freshening up our appearances, enjoying delicious food, and being in nature are excellent ways to embody Taurus’ desire to indulge in all five senses.” Since Taurus is a sign ruled by Venus, this is also a great zodiacal season to pamper yourself. You might want to spend time in beautiful places, cook your favorite meals, treat yourself to a spa day, and more. “Relish in yourself and your life since Taurus season is all about beauty in the mundane,” Simmons says.

Back your sh-t up

Mercury, the planet of technology and communication, goes retrograde on April 21 for the next six weeks. Like all Mercury retrogrades, Simmons says we can expect the usual problems – communication issues, Freudian slips, technical problems, travel issues, and exes coming back from the relationship morgue. Because this Mercury retrograde will be in Taurus, she adds there might be additional themes relating to Taurus that include financial security, stability, material items, commitment, loyalty, and values.

“There might be a question of financial stability during this time like secure avenues suddenly becoming wishy-washy or more problems that require last-minute expenses than usual,” she says. “Mercury retrograde could even impose issues in conversations regarding finances, so negotiations might not be straightforward or someone may have the wrong idea about repaying something. Aside from this, more material items may go missing or break than usual. Commitments might be up in the air since loyalty and determination might be questionable during Mercury retrograde. Plus, what you value could be subject to change since Mercury retrograde may cause some issues with what you prioritize or believe in.”

Her advice to navigate Mercury retrograde is to back everything up on your computer, write down your passwords and turn on your extra protocols for sign-ins to avoid being hacked. Also, watch your spending since this Mercury retrograde could result in unforeseen expenses, or even getting your financial information stolen, too. And since this is an earthy Mercury retrograde, Simmons recommends getting everything explicitly clear in writing so that you have something to refer back to when there are communication issues. “If you can help it, try to stall on signing onto any new contracts or commitments until Mercury stations direct since the retrograde may skew the premises of the arrangement,” she says. “But if the timing is of the essence, then don’t let the cosmos stop you from what could be an excellent commitment or deal. And if anyone comes back, think of this as an excellent transit for closure as opposed to rekindling a relationship. If you want to rekindle a connection, then let some time pass after Mercury stations direct to feel self-assured that you want that person back in your life.”

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