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Boosting your metabolism… naturally

Losing weight happens by burning more calories each day than you CONSUME. If you can boost your metabolism, you will be able to burn more calories per day and lose weight, assuming you’re following a healthy diet. Writer Dan Burley explains how to boost your metabolism the natural way.

Use everyday tasks to help you

Naturally boosting your metabolism comes from doing everyday tasks that will increase your metabolism, not by diet pills or potion. The weight loss industry makes millions every year by taking advantage of consumer’s lack of basic nutritional knowledge.

Most herbs will not boost your metabolism, and those that do, contain an amphetamine-like substance that literally puts you on a “high.” Don’t be fooled. The only real way to boost your metabolism takes effort and planning. We have a few suggestions that will help.

Avoid diets that are TOO low in calories

Diets that are 1,000 calories or less may help you lose weight at first, but overly restrictive diets lead to binging. They also slow your metabolism because your body goes into “survival mode” to conserve calories. Rapid weight loss will consist of water with very little loss of fat. Weight is quickly gained back because more fluid than fat was lost.

Don’t skip meals

Your body is the furnace and food is the logs. DON’T let your furnace (metabolism) burn low. Eat nutritious snacks between meals. The most popular meal to skip is breakfast. DON’T DO IT. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it gives you energy to perform important tasks and it helps prevent snacking on junk food later in the morning.

Take frequent walking breaks

The more you move around during the day, the more calories you burn. If possible, take a five minute walking break around your work area (inside or out) every hour.

Take the longest route

We naturally take the path of least resistance. When walking, take the longest route. This applies to anywhere you go. If you work at a big company and must frequently walk to other buildings, use that time to put in some extra walking. The more active you are, the easier losing weight will become.

Exercise for 30 minutes or more

The body starts to dip into its fat reserve after 30 minutes of continuous exercise. Your exercise pace should be enough for you to talk but not sing.

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