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‘What Planet Can I Blame for This?’ Your Guide to Astrology & the Vibes for March 2023

Over the last month we’ve transitioned from the aloof and eccentric season of Aquarius (the first weeks of February felt weird, right?) into a creative and dreamy phase that is all Pisces. The start of March will not only ask us to tap into our intuitive and sensitive side that is reminiscent of the fish, but according to author astrologer, Desiree Antila, we also have a big cosmic month ahead of us filled with a number of transits that will truly feel like big change is in the air. Thankfully, we transition into fiery Aries, the boss of the zodiac, by month’s end so we will feel more empowered to take charge with the new beginnings that Pisces energy has helped us to envision for ourselves. Below, Antila rounds up the most important transits in March and what we can expect from the stars in the weeks ahead.

Read between the lines and the small print when communicating

Mercury, the planet of technology and communication, enters Pisces on March 2nd. So right off the bat we’re in for some serious mystical conversations – and maybe some confusion.

“Pisces blurs the line between reality and fiction while Mercury swims through its mystical waters, so taking the time to decipher mixed messages is worth the effort,” Antila explains, adding that rationality is being traded for some woo woo during this time. “This is the hardest sign for Mercury to be in, so take time for yourself if you need to rest your mind and ask for clarification at every turn.”

Time to spring clean your life

On March 7 we have the Full Moon in Virgo, also known as the Full Worm Moon, which Antila says calls for a refreshing change towards all aspects of our life.

“The energy is much like the first time you open your windows after the long winter to allow stagnant air out and fresh new energy in,” she says. “This is a great time for spring cleaning, getting organized, and getting into a good routine. This moon forms a formidable trine with electrifying Uranus in Taurus which will boost our energy. However, it also creates a cantankerous square with Mars in Gemini so do not make any rash decisions until the dust settles.” So keep your cleaning and organizing to the tried-and-true and not go above and beyond for new change quite yet.

Lean into your creative nature

You’ll be reminded that we are all creative beings as Saturn, the planet of wisdom, discipline, and structure, enters Pisces on March 7. This will feel differently compared to the sign of Aquarius where it’s been hanging since March 21, 2020. Remember 2020 and all those Zoom meetings and connecting to each other online in new ways? According to Antila, that was all Aquarius. But what will Saturn in Pisces teach us? “It will be asking us to all step up our spiritual game,” she says. “Words that will be topics while this teacher planet makes this tour: sacrifice, water, fantasy, art, karma, and spirituality. We will be learning in a whole new way.”

Play the long game in love

Venus, the planet of love and relationships, enters the grounded, gentle and stable energy of Taurus on March 16. “Venus feels a sense of relief as it finally enters its domicile sign of Taurus bringing a vibration of stability and even some first signs of spring,” Antila says. “There is a spell that this transit casts over those in love, bringing a new sense of security and a step towards more fortitude in love. Consistency is a key ingredient in lasting love, and there is not a sign that understands that more than Taurus.” So whether you’re dating or single, you’ll definitely feel the pull of feeling warm and secure within your connections. Commitment and playing the long game might be on the menu.

Take a time out before speaking

On March 19, Mercury ceases our dreamy chatter from earlier this month to something more impulsive and rash as it enters Aries. “We are going for a trip on this rocket ship, so get ready to zoom, zoom as Mercury enters the fiery and fast sign of Aries,” Antila explains. “People will be talking quick and making decisions even speedier, so stay alert and keep things as simple as possible to not get tripped up in this need-for-speed transit.” Aries also has a tendency to speak first and think later, so you might consider taking a time out before speaking.

A new beginning

As the Sun enters its sign of exaltation, we welcome the astrological new year and spring equinox on March 20 in Aries. “The earth awakens as we snap out of hibernation and step boldly into the beauty of new life that spring gives us,” Antila says. “It is time to turn up the volume because there is not a minute to lose over the next four weeks.” Got a project or idea in mind? Now’s the time to bring it to fruition.

It takes a village for dreams to come true

According to Antila, the New Moon in Aries on March 21 gives us “with a burst of physical and mental energy which we can use to set goals and complete projects. This new moon is conjunct with Mercury which will not only think but speak about your big plans. Talk about your goals with people who can help you achieve them to watch them manifest even faster.”  Antila recommends firing yourself up and feeling the crescendo of this energy that will continue over the next month “as it connects with a rare second Aries new moon which will also be a vigorous solar eclipse on April 20. This is what we call an astrological blue moon, and it only happens every few years.”

Welcome to the age of Aquarius…for now

On March 23, Pluto, the planet that represents renewal and rebirth, enters Aquarius, the sign of community and humanity. As Antila puts it: “Welcome to the true Age of Aquarius. On this day we welcome a whole new era as karmic Pluto starts a fresh new generation. The last time this planet was here was during the American revolution from 1778 – 1798. This planet shapes history and this two-and-a-half-month stint offers us a flash of what the next 21 years will be like. Then it reverses back into Capricorn until January 20, 2024, but then will stay in Aquarius until January 19, 2044. Here we go.”

You’ll long to be a homebody 

Mars, the planet of passion and movement, enters Cancer, a sign known for its nurturing and homebody characteristics. The result? Expect tons of feels and a draw to make your home your sanctuary.

After seven very long months in Gemini, the planet of action enters its sign of fall amplifying your emotions,” Antila explains. “This transit will have most of us desiring to be home around friends and family, or even expanding our family. This could give you the itch to move or reinvent your living space because this transit causes major cabin fever. You may feel like there are suddenly a ton of things to do around your house, or time that needs to be spent with family. This is a great time to do both. Spring cleaning anyone?”

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