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Evn’s Melatonin Gummies Can Offer You the Rest & Relaxation of Your Dreams

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Winding down after a long and challenging day is a feat in its own right. Even if you do get everything you wanted accomplished and finally get your kids down for the night, it still doesn’t mean your brain got the memo that it’s time for you to have some rest.

This is a common dilemma, so it makes sense that melatonin supplements have become all the more desirable in recent years. And Evn’s melatonin gummies are ones you might want to check out!

Strawberry Melatonin Gummies $30

“Crafted in small batches with all-natural ingredients, and a delicious wild-strawberry flavor, Evn’s Melatonin gummies provide premium support in the sleep department so you can fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer,” per Evn. “They are a safe, easy, and healthy way to get a restful night of Zzz’s. These will be a perfect addition to your sleep routine this New Year!”

While EVN is a CBD company, these gummies are CBD-free — using high-quality extracts of melatonin, L-Theanine and Passion Flower for a safe stress-reducing option for sleep support. They tend to benefit users by allowing a natural flow into sleep and a natural, chill wake-up call come morning (without any weird crash or heaviness that can come from other sleep products).

SheKnows readers can score a little bit of extra savings using the code SHEKNOWS20 for 20 percent off. It can only be used once per customer and isn’t eligible for subscription orders, but putting some money back in your pocket can definitely help you sleep soundly at night.

While it’s absolutely recommended with melatonin products that look like candy (especially if they taste good) that you keep them somewhere kids can’t reach — particularly given recent spikes in melatonin overdoses in kids. But for adults using as directed, a melatonin supplement can be invaluable for reclaiming the sleep you desperately need.

Before you go, check out the sleep products we love for helping folks get the r&r they need:


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