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Busy Philipps Calls Out Lindsey Graham’s Proposed Abortion Ban With Throwback Photo of Her 15-Year-Old Self


No stranger to fighting for abortion rights and being radically transparent about her own abortion story, Busy Phillips (Freaks and Geeks, Girls5Eva) took to instagram with an adorable picture of her teenage self — at the age she had her abortion — to give some perspective on the importance of being able to make your own reproductive choices following the introduction of a scary post-Roe bill from South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham that would further restrict access. 

On Tuesday, the Graham introduced a bill to Congress unofficially called “Protecting Pain-Capable Unborn Children from Late-Term Abortions Act,” which would mean a national ban on abortions beginning at the 15-week mark. The proposed bill also goes contrary to Graham’s own previously statements on returning abortion decisions to the states and would disproportionately harm people with wanted pregnancies and medical reasons to receive the procedure. 

In a post on her Instagram on Wednesday, Phillips once again recounted her story alongside a photo of herself as a teen.

I’m 15, and this is after I had an abortion,” she wrote. “I know. Look at my little face. I want to hug her, too.”

Lazy loaded image
The throwback photo of 15-year-old Busy Philipps, shared to her instagram on Wednesday. Busy Philipps/Instagram

“I look so much like my own kid currently looks but with brows from the 90s,” Philipps notes before adding that “actually think Birdie looks older than me. BUT! Actually! I’m a year older than Birdie is now in this picture…I can’t say what my life would be like if I’d been forced to give birth.”

She went on to talk about the various reasons that a person might need or want an abortion and how those kind of decisions (when given the choice) are “sliding door” moments that could so easily change the trajectory of your life — especially when you’re that young. For her it included not being forced to carry an unwanted pregnancy or being able to meet her husband Marc Silverstein or making it to her OG audition for Freaks and Geeks.

She also wondered about Graham’s own sliding door moments that got him to the point of writing legislation like this: “What led him to this point where he’s SO incapable of seeing anything outside his limited perspective? … And I wonder *if* he had been held to the standard that all women are held to, would he have EVER been so bold? (and it goes without saying that the standard is *much* higher for my Black and Brown and trans girlfriends❤️).” 

The actress received an outpour of support following her heartfelt post, with “Scandal” star Kerry Washington commenting, “Thank you for this,” and “Top Chef” judge Gail Simmons writing, “This truly says it all. Thank you brave Busy!” 

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