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You Can Now Pre-Order This Super Stealth, Kink-Inspired Sex Toy Jewelry on Kickstarter

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By now we all know that sex toys can come in so many shapes and sizes that go beyond the realm of novelty items you get for bachelorette parties. And if you haven’t been turned on to the subtle and sexy world of sex toy jewelry yet, you’re going to want to hear about Crave and their latest offering.

We’ve recommended Crave’s Vesper vibrator necklace before, as it’s a cool, low-key and stylish approach to a sex toy that you can subtly rock in your everyday life. And now the brand’s latest design is a more kink-inspired approach to wearable sex toys in the form of cuffs that look like stackable bangles — the ICON cuffs (made of leather) and the ID cuffs (made of silicone) — now available for pre-order on Kickstarter.

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Crave ICON and ID Cuffs $35

“Jewelry is an expression of self — it can be a subtle indication of who you are, what you believe in, and what you desire. Even a hint at how you like to play,” per the brand’s Kickstarter. “At CRAVE, we believe intimate pleasure and self-expression together can empower beautiful experiences. In 2014, our Vesper vibrator necklace introduced pleasure jewelry to the world. A statement jewelry piece designed to turn heads, spark conversations, and change the way we share our desires with others. The Vesper has since become an icon of sex positivity and empowerment. We all want the opportunity to be seen, to flirt the line between subtle and provocative, to control our conversation, and at CRAVE, we are here for it. So we are continuing our pleasure jewelry collection with our next addition.”

About the products (which we got to check out a bit before they were announced): The two different cuff designs are both meant to be worn as bracelets with a subtle twist. The ICON Cuffs (made of leather with a shorter bit of metal connecting them) are designed to work as functional cuffs that you can use for light restraint-play with your partner(s) in private — this is the part where I remind you to always play safely, keep communication open with your partner and use a safe word, thanks!  —  while the ID Cuffs, made of silicone (with a longer metal chain), are more-so meant for “self-expressions and conversations in the form of a bracelet.”

Another fun add to these cuff’s design is that you can add a personalized message to whichever set of cuffs you like best, engraving up to five characters on the ICON Cuffs and seven on the ID Cuffs. Particularly for partners with established D/s dynamics or interests in kink, this wearable day-time symbol of your special kinky connection might be an appeal.

The cuffs are now available via the Kickstarter pre-order and will start shipping out in July 2022 before taking their place among Craves other retail offerings — along with some other cool new offerings from the brand that we’re only allowed to tease y’all about — later this year.

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