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These Under-$10 Core Gliders Changed My Quick At-Home Workouts & Made Me Break A Sweat

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Honestly, I didn’t think much of the pair of pink gliders I purchased as I was putting together my quarantine workout equipment inventory. While I’d heard that gliders were a small-but-mighty tool to amp up core workouts, I was doubtful. As someone who was used to intense HIIT and weight lifting workouts pre-pandemic, I was used to going hard in the gym. But thanks to the limited space of my apartment and my changing body, I decided to switch up to a more low-key, slow-and-steady approach to exercising. Using this new pair of plastic gliders was now going to be a part of my new routine despite my skepticism. I mean, they were pink, flimsy, and looked cuter than challenging – how were they really going to change my workout?

Well, was I wrong. The second I started adding core gliders — or sometimes referred to as sliders to my workouts, I felt a burn that I’ve never experienced before (and I have a personal training background).

CELEBRITA Core Sliders


CELEBRITA Core Sliders

CELEBRITA Core Sliders $9.89 on

If you don’t know how to use gliders, here’s what you need to know. The gliders are double-sided — one side is plastic, and the other is cushioned, making them easier to work on any surface, including carpet, tile, rugs and hardwood flooring. The plastic side works well on soft surfaces, while the padded side works best on harder surfaces.

Then, you place them underneath your feet or hands, depending on the exercise. For example, if you’re looking to work your core muscles, you simply place them under your feet when you’re trying pikes, planks, mountain climbers, inchworms, etc. If you’re using them to work your arms, then you place them underneath your hands to perform a pushup or a military crawl.

If you thought doing those exercises without any equipment is easy enough, add some gliders, and your “boring” mountain climbers and push-ups that you can do in your sleep suddenly amp up fast. Gliders work so effectively because they add an element of instability that requires your muscles — whether it’s your core, legs, or chest – to work harder to keep you balanced.

This year, one of my physical goals is to improve my strength, especially in my legs and glutes. While I loved using the gliders for my core exercises, my favorite body part to work with them is my lower body. I have a pretty lean body, so toning up and adding some muscle definition can be tricky. But after consistently using gliders once a week, I have seen some new definition in my quads and glutes thanks to lower body exercises like lunges and bridges. And it’s no wonder why I saw those results—my muscles always quiver and shake whenever I work with gliders. Since your body is working overtime to keep you stable, every muscle is engaged, including muscles you don’t usually use, and, yes, you feel everything. Burn, baby, burn!

And even though the gliders give a good workout, to see results, it’s key to use the gliders properly. Otherwise, it’s hard to get results and easy to get injured.And even though the gliders give a good workout, to see results, it’s key to use the gliders properly. Otherwise, it’s hard to get results and easy to get injured.

But don’t take my word for it. Shoppers agree that the low-maintenance workout tool enhances their at-home workouts. One reviewer wrote: “I felt my muscles tightening so much more when using these. These work so easily and I found that they do best on my carpet/rugs than on my wood floors. The padding side is comfortable but firm so you don’t hurt your palms and hands when pressing down but still keep the necessary traction.”

Another wrote: “I am always looking for tools to switch up workout routines and these gliding discs are perfect for something different. I love that they are double-sided so I can use them on carpet or hardwood floor or tile. They are a good size and seem to be very durable.

The sliders are super affordable and easily transportable, making them a great option for both at-home workouts and travel. They’re also pretty durable too (it would be tough to break them), so it’s a worthwhile investment both for your pocketbook and your body. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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