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Want to Level-Up Your Manifestation Skills? Start With Your Sensual Energy

Manifesting through tapping into our own sensuality? Talk about a dream come true. Who wouldn’t want to manifest their biggest desires by simply being playful and indulging in pleasure? If it sounds too good to be true — not to mention a little woo woo — Alyse Bacine, a breathwork practitioner and spiritual mentor, says think about it like this: “Our sensual energy and life force energy are one and the same. When they are positively emitting from our energy body, it allows us to manifest with ease. The way that we experience and receive pleasure, feel safety, support and love is all in the way we allow our vital life force energy to run through us.”

As Jocelyn Kelly Reid, intuitive business & abundance coach, and feminine energy healer, puts it:  “Think of a woman you see walking down the street where everyone is turning heads, not because she matches the media’s definition of physical beauty standards, but because you feel her power, her connection to herself, her confidence – her full energy. Strong life force energy is a vibrancy that attracts.”

Then why can it be so difficult to embody that powerful and pleasurable energy so we can actually manifest what we want?

“For women in particular our sexual, or sensual energy, has been suppressed for centuries, and critiqued if it is expressed,” says Reid. “When women live in full alignment with their soul’s desires, they will feel free. However, unhealed trauma from this lifetime, within our lineage, and past lives can lead to a lack of full connection to the self and our authentic expression.”

According to Reid these traumas can be major — such as assault, harassment or abuse — or as micro as feeling like you weren’t listened to as a child or were left out at school.

“It doesn’t really matter if it was big or small. Humans are sensitive beings and what might seem small to one person could have felt incredibly significant to another,” she says. “So, when we do not feel safe inside of ourselves or often have the fear of rejection, the worry of abandonment, even slip into people pleasing or need constant validation from others instead of ourselves, naturally, we will not feel safe and grounded in the world.”

As a result, our trauma and lack of feeling safe blocks us from tapping into the key piece of our personal magnetism — our ability to receive.

“I always say that when we feel safe enough to receive abundance, we really are opening up to receiving more life force energy and allowing ourselves to experience more of the universe’s bounty,” says Bacine. “Safety is everything.”

Why a woman needs to feel safe in her sensuality to raise her vibration and manifest

When a woman truly feels safe within herself and her place in the world, Bacine says, it’s only then when she can relax, receive, allow and trust her intuition to guide her rather than fear and worry and old patterns.

“As humans we have been programmed through familial and ancestral trauma that there is always something to fear or feel like we’re in danger,” she says. “The new paradigm that we’re moving into, with women leading the way, is the realization that this fear mentality and conditioning is ultimately coming from within us. When a woman finally feels this level of safety, her vibration naturally rises because she feels comfortable and loving towards herself which allows her to emit an entirely new energy. Love and safety are a much higher vibration than fear and worry.”

What it looks like when a woman feels unsafe energetically

“Suppression is a very common coping mechanism for when we feel unsafe, which can lead to complete disconnection from the body,” says Bacine. “This can also show up as reliance on things that distract us like alcohol, screens, shopping, drugs, etc. These behaviors all block our vital life force energy, which is our ability to manifest, receive abundance, work in the quantum field, experience intense pleasure, listen to her intuition, communicate with her guides.”

Basically, all of the deeper energies become blocked or harder to access, which makes it harder for us to manifest the life of our dreams.

What’s at the root of your feelings of unsafety

When it comes to raising your vibration to manifest, your work comes from undoing societal and ancestral conditioning and doing a deep dive into your personal healing. Reid says it specifically requires you to heal your relationship to the masculine and feminine energies from your past.

“For example, if you had a controlling father growing up, you might have trouble using your voice or setting boundaries and holding them with ease,” says Reid. “You might also struggle with feeling confident in your work and career, or resort to people pleasing at the expense of your own desires.”

On the other hand, says Reid, a discord with feminine energy — which is about learning how to lean back and receive — might cause you to try to control your situations rather than allowing them to play out or refusing to let someone else take the lead. In a more literal sense? You probably struggle with being on the receiving end of everything and anything. You don’t expect to be taken care of or supported. Trusting and finding peace in stillness is difficult for you.

“Lack of safety usually feels like stiffness, pain, fear, reacting, freezing, or shutting down,” says Reid. “These feelings block high levels of receiving and manifestation, because you are not actually living in the highest expression of your soul. This is why it is so important to clear the root of these symptoms.”

However, when both energies are healed and in harmony with one another, Reid says people “will inherently be far more care-free, open, and in trust. Feelings of resistance or negative thoughts such as ‘life is hard’ will happen far less. The overall vibe will feel like life, circumstances, and manifestation are working for you — the energy of taking an exhale and being able to breathe rather than waiting for the other shoe to drop.”

Techniques for healing your sense of safety to manifest

If you’re game for opening up your body and energy to receiving more abundance from the Universe (and who isn’t?) Reid recommends paying attention to how you feel inside your body.

“Ask yourself, what are the situations that arise where you feel contraction, shrinking, or reactionary? Once you find those instances, explore where that contraction may be coming from through journaling or meditation and work toward how you can respond differently.”

Deep healing, she says, can benefit from working with someone else “since we truly cannot see ourselves the way that others can. Being led by someone who has a true gift in liberating others in this way is honestly life changing. We heal best through being seen and held inside a community versus being alone.”

Both Reid and Bacine offer unique energy healing services to help their clients break through their traumatic past and patterns to manifest their best life on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

Bacine uses breathwork and energy work to move stuck and stagnant energy out of the body to release suppressed emotions and trauma while Reid also uses intuition, breast massage and breathwork or tools like crystal wands to heal the womb space (“Women tend to store memories inside their wombs,” she says).

“No matter what, there is a lot of power in being more self-aware and choosing to show up in life in new ways that feel more expansive to you,” says Reid. “When we are in touch with our sensual energy, or our pleasure, it emits a frequency from the body that attracts more life, more money, more love; more everything.”

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