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Just say "Yes!" to receiving

We’ve all heard it is better to give than receive but is it? Personal Success Coach Julie Jordan Scott tells us why we should be open to receiving love and attention from others and explains the effect it can have on the soul.

It’s just as good to receive
Today I spent a couple hours with a group of Mothers of Preschoolers. As one of the older moms there, I sometimes feel like a wizened crone. I have the oldest child in the group (some of the Moms are only a couple years older than my eldest daughter, Bianca) and I have one of the youngest children there, my six-month-old son, Samuel.

My first stop as I left the meeting was to collect four-year-old Emma from her classroom. I walked in and we caught each other’s eyes. Instant loving connection. “Yes! You are HERE!” Our arms flung out involuntarily and she ran to me as I scooped her little 40-pound body into my arms and buried my face in the thick brown hair falling to her shoulders.

We completely and totally received each other in that moment.

We said YES!

YES! We adore each other. YES! I am a wizened old crone in this setting at times. Hooray! YES! Each moment with YOU counts, dear daughter and dear Mama. YES!

How many times during our lives do we hear something like this: “It is better to give than receive”? I have heard it, said it, agreed with it and wholeheartedly believed it.

Yes, believed it. As in past tense. Stay with me a minute. I am not saying it is not a huge blessing to give. What I am pointing towards is the abundant blessings from giving have their foundation in learning to receive fully and purely with grace and with love.

Looking over the people I have encountered in my life, there are many more individuals who label themselves as “Givers Extraordinaire” than identify themselves as “Ace Receivers.” What about you?

How gifted are YOU at receiving?
What happens when someone compliments you? How do you respond? Or when someone goes out of her way to do something nice for you? How do you respond? How about when a loved one tells of her love for you? How do you act? What do your eyes say? What does your mouth say?

What does your heart long to say? How are you responding to your heart’s longings? Learning to receive from the heart becomes the greatest gift you can give: not only to your loved ones. It is a gift to yourself and to humanity as well.

In the sacred scriptures of the Bhagavad Gita, it says this: “Giving simply because it is right to give, without thought of return, at a proper time, in proper circumstances, and to a worthy person, is enlightened giving. Giving with regrets or in the expectation of receiving some favor or of getting something in return, is selfish giving.”

Giving which is based in self or ego is not pure giving. Instead, it might be more accurately labeled “gimme-ing.” Giving with me in the center, expecting to acquire something: a barter of sorts. Negotiating a transaction. Its a subtle dance. One each of us must take time with to discern whether our giving is truly giving or “gimme-ing.” As long as it is “gimme-ing” the door to receiving will remain closed.

Pure giving is centered in abundance. When we give, it is as if we throw out our arms, we reach out as if to hug. While we have our arms outstretched what happens? They are filled. You receive in abundance.

If I had not opened my arms to receive little Emma this morning: had I been in a rush with my arms busy with other stuff and my mind focusing on me and what other people were thinking, would I have been able to receive the love that I received and give the love I was then able to give in return?

No! I would not! Instead, I simply said YES.

Practice saying Yes. “Yes, I would really appreciate that!” “Yes, thank you, please carry this for me.” “Yes, I would be so grateful if you would pick up the bill for lunch today.” “Yes, I am worthy of that compliment.” “Yes, I will accept your love without conditions. Without reservations. Without self consciousness.”

Saying yes from a stance of purity and empowerment will radically open the pathways in your life to receiving. With that reward comes an increased ability to give from that same space of purity and empowerment.

Saying yes creates a wellspring of passion. A never ending gush of possibilities. Saying yes will bring you to your destiny.

If you have a desire to really live your life passionately, every day the simplest way to start is so very, very basic.

Simply say yes. YES!

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