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It’s Capricorn Season — So Go Ahead & Embrace Your Bossy Side In Bed

Now that we’ve firmly exited that hyped-up, hyper-active Sagittarius part of the winter (anyone else tired? I’m tired), it’s time to celebrate the vibes of Capricorn and all they can do for you in your sex life. So gear up and direct your square-pupilled goat gaze on the prize. And this season in particular, as you think and reflect on things you’ve done and things (and people) you want to do, it’s fine if you’re feeling a bit bossy and in the mood to get what you want.

“Accustomed to regular butt-kickings from Saturn, [Capricorns] often see life as an uphill battle, with the ultimate reward arriving only through suffering and sacrifice,” as the AstroTwins say. “Ambitious Capricorn is symbolized by a mountain goat climbing up a rocky hill, taking one cautious step at a time. And that’s exactly how patient Caps like to do everything. You’ll skip the good stuff today if it means getting the reward tomorrow. That’s why your sign has more trophies and loyal friends than any other–you stay strong through the hard times.”

As a Libra I try to do my best to try and understand the merits of all Zodiac signs and their seasons and energies, even those that don’t always make sense to me personally. Decisive and efficient, the world is a to-do list that they’re going to finish for Capricorns. They’re just like that. A friend of mine dated a Capricorn once who realized she had a broken shower head and showed up one day to just replace it. Just like saw a thing to be done, did it with confidence and rolled on by. (I cannot relate but love that for them, TBH.)

As we say in all of our zodiac sex tips, every sign works with a different season/planet differently and works differently in your chart! Your personal birth chart (calculated via birth date, location and time) contains all sorts of diverse parts of your you-ness that make up your specific personality. So be sure to check your sun sign, your moon sign and your ascendant/rising sign (think: your ego, who you are when you’re alone on a deep personal level and the mask you wear/how others see you), as well as your other prominent planets out for a full zodiac picture (Mars and Venus are always interesting in the realm of sex and relationships!) — and you might benefit from a sit down with an astrologer to go over your chart and get an understanding of how well you play with other signs. It can be a really special and transformative experience!

But with what we know about Capricorns — they like running the show and doing what/who they came to do (and more importantly doing ’em well — we think it’s a fine time to embrace your bossy side (or encourage that in your partner). If you happen to find yourself on a Capricorn’s to-do list or simply want to embrace that energy in bed this season, keep reading.

In the bedroom this can most obviously take the form of leaning into kinky power play, in one form or another. Embracing your dominant side (or submissive side) can be a great way to get in touch with the roles you and your partner like to play in a sexual encounter and can teach you a lot about the things that get you both excited and make you feel valued and cared for. Maybe try setting out a rule or two for the encounter, introduce some restraints or simply put the planning firmly in one of your hands (and heads) for the day. (Do not underestimate how hot a creative, thorough and well-executed plan can be, folks!)

But you don’t need to be in kinkster mode to live up on the Capricorn vibes. Hardworking goats get sh-t done, as we’ve said, and that can also mean you take charge and take the time to make sure you and your partner make time for the foreplay, sex and intimacy you both want. This can be taking the initiative to initiate the sexy, sexy planning, taking charge and sending your partner to do some self-care and foreplay before you meet up later (I’m talking acts of service vibes, baby!) and make a few (consensual) executive decisions that will leave you both satisfied. You won’t regret it.

If you embody the Capricorn energy, moving intentionally and confidently toward your goal (pleasure for yourself and your partner), you’ll find that there’s something undeniably hot about that determination.

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