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Amazon’s Offering 30 Percent Off Fitbits & It’s A Quick Gift Idea for Your Favorite Fitness Geek

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If the holiday gift-crunch is starting to get you down (they came so fast this year, you’re not crazy!), there might be a workable fit-tech solution for you and your family — especially if you have some fitness geeks among you! 

Amazon currently has a deal that can save you up to 30 percent off a number of Fitbit models — from their Charge 5 to Sense, Luxe, Versa and more. That means the smart watches you may have had your eye on for a while can be yours (or whoever’s still on your to-gift list) for significantly less cost than normal. 

For the uninitiated, fitness trackers are a great way to monitor in realtime and over time your activity (how much you move in a day) and keep track of various health stats that might interest you (from workouts to how well you sleep). They also pair well with your phone letting you access your messages, emails, calls, etc. without having to have it in hand— which is clutch when on your bike or if you’re out on a run. 

And before you dismiss it as something for serious fitness freaks and geeks or disrupter bio-hacker types, I (a health-interested but not zealous normie) took a wearable fitness tracker for a spin a while back and found it to be a cool way to better understand my relationship to movement (desk job-lifestyle be damned).

So read on for a few of the Fitbits available during Amazon’s promotion: 

Fitbit Versa 3


Lazy loaded image

Okay so the band color is absolutely the thing that drew me to this one but Versa 3 is a cool model in its own right (and it comes in other colors, whatever). You save $50 on this one and get all the benefits including: a phone-free way to see your pace and distance (with GPS), track your resting and active heart rate numbers and check out your blood oxygen levels in real time.

Fitbit Versa 3 $204.75 on Buy now Sign Up

Fitbit Inspire 2

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One of the least expensive options available (clocking in under $70), the Inspire 2 is a sleek minimalist model that still gives you a year’s worth of Fitbit premium as well as all the sweet functions to track your stats and it has 10 days of battery life. So if you’re like me and forget to charge your, uh, everything, she might be for you. 

Fitbit Inspire 2 $89.70 on Buy now Sign Up

Fitbit Luxe 

Lazy loaded image

Fitbit Luxe $124.99 on Buy now Sign Up

The bright colored, jewelry-adjacent sibling in the Fitbit fam, Luxe offers the 10-day battery life, all-day tracking and up to 20 different workout modes. It also has built-in stress-management tools available (because you’re stressed and you 

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