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Can an Algorithm Help You Achieve Your Wellness Goals? We Put One to the Test

Achieving your wellness goals — whether it’s hoping to feel less stressed or go for a morning walk — comes with its set of challenges (trust me, I’ve been there). Especially now, when it feels like it gets dark at 4:30pm, I personally find myself being more tired and less motivated than usual to do simple things such as cook or get some fresh air. This, in turn, puts me three steps back from my wellness goals, which can make it easier to get discouraged and even harder to commit to a health plan. That’s why when I came across Beyond Body, I was eager to try the “first fully personalized wellness book in the world.” After all, it makes sense. Why would I follow a health or wellness plan when it doesn’t cater to my body, or know what I’m hoping to achieve?

The short answer is you wouldn’t and after reading this book, which used a quiz to create a personalized meal plan and workout routine tailored to my specific needs and goals, I highly recommend it to anyone looking to start the new year on the right wellness foot. But if you’re still on the fence (which, I totally understand, btw), this book isn’t about skipping dessert or working out nonstop. Rather, it’s about helping you improve your physical and mental health in a way that’s healthy and helpful. Below, read some of the highlights featured in my personalized book that I thought were helpful in my wellness journey.

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Beyond Body Book

Beyond Body Personalized Wellness Book $40+

Stress-Relieving Tips

Some of us deal with stress better than others. Some of us also get stressed out on a more regular basis. During my Beyond Body quiz, one of the questions I was asked was “How often do you feel stressed out?” I answered “A few times a week” and in response, I was given a series of tips to help eliminate stress such as:

  • Get a good half hour of exercise, preferably outdoors (listening to some relaxing music during a walk through the park is another great option)
  • Make sure to eat plenty of healthy foods and cut down on caffeine, sugar, and alcohol
  • There’s nothing wrong with staying in and spending some quality time with a good book or a pet
  • Lastly, the books suggested some simple breathing exercises I could follow to cut down on anxiety

How To Dress For My Body Shape

According to my measurements, I have a pear-shaped body similar to celebs such as Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, and Beyonce (I’ll take it). In an effort to encourage embracing this body type, my Beyond Body book provided some clothing tips that could help accentuate this figure because ultimately, how you look can impact how you feel. And in order to feel your best, you want to make sure you’re wearing clothes that will make you feel confident in your body such as:

  • Straight-cut shirts
  • Tops with boat, round or heart necklines (tops with patterns or embroidery can also be cute!)
  • Off the shoulder, tied, or cross-front dresses with bows or decorations on top and a straight cut on the bottom half
  • Swimwear with a hip-enhancing effect, A-line, or high-leg cut

Dealing With Anemia

According to the Cleveland Clinic, anemia affects more than two billion people globally, which is more than 30 percent of the total population. Within the U.S., anemia is the most common blood condition with an estimated three million Americans having the disorder — myself included. The severity of the disorder varies from person to person, and therefore so does the treatment. However, whatever the treatment, the goal is mainly to increase the amount of oxygen the blood can carry, which as my book suggested, can be done by consuming foods rich in iron (beef, red meat, lentils and beans, and dried fruit), folate (pasta, rice, bread, cereal, fruits/fruit juices), vitamin B-12 (dairy and soy products), and vitamin C (peppers, broccoli, tomatoes, melons, and strawberries). It’s not uncommon to also take an iron supplement in addition to following an iron-rich diet. If you think that may be the way to go for you, make sure to consult with a doctor to figure out a plan that can keep your body healthy.

My Personalized Training Guide

Regular physical activity is an essential part of achieving any wellness goal. While it can be hard to commit to a fitness routine, my Beyond Body book outlined a plan I can use on my journey to achieving my wellness goals. To start, they highlighted the importance of doing a warm-up, cool-down, maintaining the right technique for your workout, and breathing exercises. They also called out the importance of staying hydrated and what/how much you should eat before and after a workout. Lastly, because I noted in my quiz that walking is one of my favorite workouts, my Beyond Body book provided some tips on how to get the most out of this exercise such as walking with weights, walking up hills, and increasing my walking speed.

Healthy Eating Essentials & Meal Plans

Healthy food can be delicious and if you don’t believe it, you’ll definitely change your mind once you get your hands on your personalized Beyond Body book. Referenced as the “tastiest part of the book,” I was given meal prep tips along with a list of the most common cooking mistakes (who knew there was such a thing as using bad cookware?). In addition, my book listed out some healthy (and yummy) foods to buy on my next grocery store run and eating out tips on the days when I don’t feel like cooking because we all know they happen. And something that I found super helpful was the fact the book provided a 28-day meal plan consisting of foods I could eat for breakfast, lunch, a snack, and dinner, making it super easy to meal prep, grocery shop, and stay the course.

My Final Lessons

As stated before, it can be difficult to commit to your wellness goals, especially when dealing with outside factors (there’s a whole section in the book with tips on how to handle social pressure when it comes to food), but you can do it, and after reading my Beyond Body book, I think this is the perfect tool to use to help you do so. In the last part of the book, there’s a “Beyond 28 Days” section, which lists daily things you can do to ensure you reach your goal. One that stuck out was, “Turn Your Workouts Into a Mood-Lifting Tool.” I know I’m not alone when I say I’ve had some bad days, but I do think that taking a walk or going for a run can help in making anyone feel better.

If you’re interested in purchasing this book to help with your wellness goals, you’re in luck because when you use code SHEKNOWS21, you can save up to 70% off your personalized wellness book. Remember, it’s never too late to start your journey!

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