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Amy Schumer’s Latest Instagram Post Is a Must-Watch for Pregnant People Concerned About the COVID Vaccine

The same day that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) clarified formally that they endorsed COVID-19 vaccinations for pregnant people, two maternal fetal health specialists took to Amy Schumer’s Instagram to give pregnant people and those that love them some in depth information on the dangerous potential of getting COVID-19 while pregnant and unvaccinated.

Schumer shared a video from Dr. Cara Pessel and Dr. Sarah Pachtman Shetty, MD that not only talked about the realities of getting sick with COVID-19 while pregnant and to offer some helpful ways to explain how the vaccines being offered actually work (and how they cannot harm a pregnant person or their baby).

“If you are a pregnant woman who gets COVID-19 you are three times more likely to land in ICU,” Pessel explained. “You are two to three times more likely than your non-pregnant counterparts to need to intubated, to have a tube put down your throat and to be put on a ventilator, and they are significantly more likely to need a pre-term birth, so like before the baby is fully cooked. We know that setup is dangerous not only for you as a mom but for your baby.”

Meanwhile, she added that the vaccine outcomes are the total opposite, seeing positive outcomes in protection from the virus and low risk to the pregnancy: “Over 139,000 pregnant women get this vaccine already in our country. We have been following these pregnancies, tracking complications and we have seen no change from our baseline rates of things like miscarriage, stillbirth, pre-term birth and birth defects. There’s no difference in our baseline rates of these pregnancy complications and the rates of these pregnancy complications after you’re vaccinated. At the same time, pregnant women who get COVID are at a major disadvantage.”

In the rest of the video, Pachtman Shetty and Pessel help demystify how the mRNA vaccine works — explaining that the shot entering your body isn’t unlike holding a shark tooth at an aquarium gift shop. It is a piece of a shark and your body can recognize it as such, but it can’t do any serious harm to you because it’s not attached to the shark anymore.

“The spike protein your body makes in the response to the vaccine is not dangerous,” Pachtman Shetty says. “The two types of vaccines act the same way [as a flu vaccine], they go into your muscle and they help your body mount an immune response. It helps your body create the spike protein and build a response to that because it’s new and different and your body doesn’t know what it is… [if you’re exposed to the coronavirus] your body has already seen it before, it already knows what to do, so it can fight it more effectively and faster.”

In her post, Schumer shared that she knew the doctors personally and really hoped her followers would take in the information and spread the facts to benefit other pregnant people who are yet unvaccinated.

“I know these genius doctors personally and need to share this information,” Schumer wrote. “Please send it to whoever you know needs to hear it. This is life and death.”

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