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We’re Following These OB-GYNs on TikTok — & You Should Too

TikTok is a gold mine for dance challenges, pasta recipes, and adorable doggy videos, but it’s also an unexpected, abundant resource for sexual health advice. In fact, the hashtag #obgyn alone has more than 1.2 billion views.

As TikTok has grown in popularity, doctors and health professionals have taken to the social video app to answer questions and lend their expertise to some curious viewers. While medical advice going viral has led to some misinformation and WTF trends (putting ice cubes in your vagina? Hormone imbalance obsessions?), the credible side of OB-GYN TikTok has struck a chord for folks who feel nervous asking questions to their doc and for those who can’t access the health care they need. 

It’s good to approach what you see on the internet with a healthy amount of skepticism, but we’ve done the hard work for you and narrowed down the best sex and reproductive health experts on TikTok. These doctors are humanity’s quiet heroes who’ve seen and heard it all, and are here to chat with you about birth control, thicc periods, having babies, and all the weird/gross things that go down in our bodies. Get your thumbs ready to give them a follow!


@mamadoctorjonesThe end tho 👏 ##ad for @tampaxofficial♬ original sound – Mama Doctor Jones

At the top of your to-follow list should be Dr. Danielle Jones, AKA Mama Doctor Jones. Her videos cover a lot of ground, explaining everything from how to use a tampon to why cord clamping is delayed in c-sections. There’s a bit of advice for everyone, ranging in level of specificity, and the through-line of her content is an inclusive approach to health. She also shares adorable and hilarious content of her kids, just for fun, which balances out some of the heavy medical conversations. 


@drjenniferlincolnThings you didn’t know about going to the ##gyn Part 6: speculum exams! ##learnontiktok ##tiktokpartner ##gyno ##annualexam ##traumainformed♬ The Big Day – Alex Arias & Alexander Julius Wright

Meet Dr. Jennifer Lincoln who is basically the sex-ed teacher you wish you could have had in high school. Really, she’s more of an online bestie, who just happens to be an OB-GYN. Her honest and approachable perspective on sexual health includes discussions about emergency contraception, cleaning your vulva, birth control mishaps, semen fun facts, and advice on how to make your gynecologist appointment feel less scary (like asking to insert the speculum yourself, which we had no idea was a thing). 


@dr.staci.tTell me your thoughts and let’s discuss. #weightgain #learnwithme #birthcontrol #obgyn #fears #healthyliving♬ Emotional Piano Instrumental In E Minor – Tom Bailey Backing Tracks

Because partners can be shitty and the sex-ed system is very broken, many of us probably have distorted views of our bodies, sex, and health. However, your vulva is NOT ugly, and Dr. Staci Tanouye will go there and say it! While a good chunk of her page is dedicated to crucial facts and Q&A, she also talks about misogyny, the sex lies in Bridgerton, and shares public service announcements about how to be a better, more functional human. It’s the mix of health advice and real talk that keeps us coming back for more. 


@alirodmdAnd remember change them out when they’re moist. No one wants an infection! #doctor #obgyn #selfcare #medicine♬ original sound – Lydia Primm

Dr. Ali Rodriguez knows how to bring all the best parts of TikTok together into a single, delightful mashup, for example: dancing and shaking your ass while canceling period stigma. If you want some IUD intel, recommendations while shopping the fem care aisle, or just a little affirmation that period sex is effing amazing, she’s a great resource. Plus, Dr. Rodriguez also posts Spanish language videos, so you can talk tampones and toallas sanitarias too. 


@tiktokbabydocWe should treat our patients like each one of them is a family member…#pregnancytiktok #pregnant #pregnancy #listen #obgyn #mfm #advocate #bebetter♬ IMPERIAL PIANO – Treia Music

Calling all moms and those who hope to be one! Dr. Shannon M. Clark will rock your world with pregnancy info. Like, have you ever wondered if you should remove pubic hair for childbirth? Or if CBD oil impacts your pregnancy? And, what are the best ways to manage labor pain? With over 21 years of experience caring for pregnant people, Dr. Clark has a plethora of advice for every scenario and strange query. Plus, she’s a fast, to-the-point speaker who takes patient worries and concerns seriously, making for the perfect bite-sized videos. 


@nicolealiciamdHow to prepare for your gynecology appointment. #obgyn #fyp #Papsmear♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod

Talking about your bod is uncomfy — it’s just a fact. But Dr. Nicole Alicia’s soft, reassuring energy will erase your fears about going to the gynecologist, making her a vital presence on TikTok. No question is too embarrassing here, no matter your age or place on your sexual health journey. She helps you feel confident going into the exam room, emphasizing that the positive benefits of visiting your doctor far outweigh the negatives. 

Because women’s health issues are not well-taught or even discussed, it’s thrilling that TikTok can be a radical sex-ed resource. While social media shouldn’t replace talking to a physician, these experts will get you thinking and give you some valuable questions to ask the next time you visit your doctor. 

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