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TikTok is Obsessed With This Best-Selling Weighted Hula Hoop on Amazon

Working out can be a lot of things — self-care, me-time, a frustrating and annoying necessity — but how often is it really, genuinely fun?

This may all depend on your attitude and preferred workout on any given day, of course. Some people really do get that euphoric runner’s high or a thrill from a Peloton ride, but if you’re someone who wants to get a feeling closer to the childlike joy of movement (like when you were a little kid or when you see the way your own kids scramble around a playground) you may want to give weighted hula hoops a try. After all, TikTok has been fairly obsessed with the hoops lately. 

I know, I know. They look very silly and if you picture yourself — a grown-ass adult with zoom calls to make — hula hooping for too long, you might lose it with laughter. But the workout is actually a great way to activate your core, get a dose of dance-like movement into your day-to-day and, if nothing else, learn not to take yourself so damn seriously.

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Weighted Smart Hoola Hoop on

This particular hoop is a best-seller on Amazon because it’s an adjustable easy-to-use model that works for kids and adults alike. The adjustable shape lets you make it as close-fitting as you need to get used to the necessary hula hoop motion instead of having it circle your waist twice and promptly land at your ankles and make it fairly simple to detach and store without taking up your entire house— or, worse, land in that graveyard of exercise equipment that you swore were going to change your life but now just gather dust in the corner.

This hoop even has a cool massage feature for a bit of post-workout recovery TLC. The massage ring function can work to help with pesky lower back pain or aches from an otherwise sedentary lifestyle.

If you’re thinking you need to shake up your day-to-day workouts, why not hop on the hoop bandwagon?

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