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This Game-Changing 64-Ounce Water Bottle Is the Secret to Getting Your Daily Recommended Intake

You’ve probably seen those people lugging around a big gallon of water everywhere they go. Some might use old milk jugs with lines drawn on them, tracking their water intake by the hour. Others have the fancier jugs with inspirational quotes written on them to encourage water drinking. Until recently, I had an in-between version: a simple, reusable jug with tick marks denoting hours throughout the day. Like so many people, I struggle with drinking enough water every day, and aiming for a gallon helps keep me on track.

But carting around a gallon of water a day is somewhat inconvenient. My gallon jug is a bit too big to carry around through grocery stores and while shopping, and people are always commenting and wondering why I’m hauling around eight pounds of water. Plus, I’ve had to replace my plastic jugs twice after they’ve cracked and sprung a leak — of course always at the most inconvenient times. On the hunt for something sturdier, less clunky, and a bit more stylish, I was introduced to Stanley’s IceFlow™ Flip Straw Jug, and it’s become my new favorite way to guzzle water.

Stanley 64 oz Jug

Stanley IceFlow 64-Ounce Flip Straw Jug $50 Buy now

At half the size of a gallon container, you’ll have to refill the jug once during the day to get in a full gallon of water, but I found that I didn’t mind having to refill it. The 64-ounce size is much lighter and less clunky than a gallon container, making it easier to carry while running errands. It also takes up less desk space — a win for anyone battling clutter or working in a small work-from-home environment.

The handle is also a feature that appeals to me, as it’s attached to the screw-top lid and can be swiveled upright for easy carrying or pushed down when not in use. I found it much easier to carry compared to the small fabric strap that my old jug had. Plus, the lid is made from discarded fishing nets, a small win for the environment. The IceFlow Jug’s straw is another nice touch, as it flips down into the lid to keep it from being exposed to germs when not in use. My favorite part of the leak-free lid though is its large size, which gives you plenty of room to add in all the ice you want, a perk I didn’t have before with my old, plastic jug. Just fill up the insulated vacuum jug in the morning with ice and water, and you’ll have ice-cold water all day, even if you leave the jug in your warm car.

I also love the ability to carry around the Stanley IceFlow Jug without worrying about it cracking open and leaking water. The metal construction means you don’t have to worry about cracked plastic at all, and the tough exterior holds up well even if you do accidentally drop the jug. The jug comes in three colors — Polar (white), Lagoon (teal) and Hammertone Green — that all look great to carry to the office, gym, shopping, while hiking, and carting the kids to soccer practice. You can even give your jug a personal touch by adding on a sticker or two from your favorite places.

Everyone’s water consumption needs are different, but striving towards a gallon a day is an easy goal that will help clear up your skin, increase energy, curb cravings, and power you through the day. And the Stanley IceFlow 64-ounce Jug is a great way to get there.

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