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Rebel Wilson Explains How Fertility Played Into Her ‘Year of Health’

After her much-publicized “year of health,” Rebel Wilson took to Instagram TV to share a bit more about how and why she decided to commit to her health journey during the extremely weird year that is 2020.

Knowing that she probably “wasn’t gonna maybe work that much this year,” due to the pandemic, she said “I knew I was going to have a bit more time.” She also said that she’d been thinking a lot about fertility and her plans for saving her eggs as she turned 40 — and decided that taking that plunge might warrant her to follow up on some of her other health goals. 

“I was also freezing my eggs because — as all good, career women out there should note — that if that’s something that interests you, it’s a pretty good time to do it. I was thinking about fertility and having good quality eggs in the bank, so I was like, ‘Okay, I’m going to do this. I’m going to get healthy,'” she said. “And how I started is [that] I did go to a professional place to do a detox.”

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Staying at VivaMayr, a wellness center in Austria, Wilson focused on making dietary switches —  which included reducing sugar and gluten and pivoting to whole, high alkaline foods (think: vegetables, fish, etc). After feeling pretty good about those changes, Wilson said she decided to overhaul her 2020 plans to change up how she’d approach diet and exercise.

Setting her intentions and writing a letter to herself about her goals, Wilson decided her changes weren’t going to be about weight loss or a dress size change but instead about following what felt good for her body.

“Am I glad that I did it? Yeah,” Wilson said. “The goal was never to be skinny. It was never to fit into a certain dress size. I put in a goal weight in there because I needed some tangible thing…What I’m proud of myself is doing that and having a lot more balance now in my life.”

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