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Cara Delevingne Joins Sex Tech & Wellness Company Lora DiCarlo As Co-Owner

Long counted among passionately sex positive celebrities, Cara Delevingne is taking the plunge into the world of sex tech as she joins sexual wellness company Lora DiCarlo as co-owner and Creative Advisor.

Announced on Thursday, the move is one that CEO Lora Haddock DiCarlo says will help the brand take greater steps to reach a wider audience and continue advocating for unapologetic sex positivity.

“Cara is joining us as a Co-Owner and Creative Advisor, where she will be deeply involved in product ideation, creative input, media, and advocacy for the greater purpose behind the brand,” DiCarlo tells SheKnows. “She will allow us to reach a wider, highly engaged audience, and serve as a total ambassador for the Lora DiCarlo concept. She is approachable, kind, and unapologetic and has some amazing ideas about destigmatizing the space, which we can’t wait to explore together.”

Delevingne adds that the brand’s overarching vision was what brought her to this team-up.

“It really represents so much of what I stand for,” Delevingne told SheKnows. “The team and the products are redefining how people explore, experience and take ownership of their pleasure, and it’s inspiring me to use my voice and platform to help push the conversation surrounding sexual wellness and education.”



DiCarlo says that Delevingne will be looking to leverage her community of fans and followers for data and will work directly with the engineering team to bring products to market that align with what people want and need.

“In my new role as co-owner and Creative Advisor, I hope to inspire and encourage everyone to embrace their sexuality and to destigmatize the taboos surrounding sexual wellness,” Delevingne says. “I’m also asking people to share with me via text (310-421-0894) what it is they want to see from us, what they feel is missing from the market and how we can keep improving.”

As for the future of the products, DiCarlo is really passionate about identifying and fulfilling the needs of would-be customers: “It’s not about what she wants or what I want— it’s about what the community wants and needs, and we are uncovering that through studies and engagement.”

She does say, heading into next year, there are a few trends that she’s excited about — and if you’re familiar with their current offerings (think: high-tech, inclusive and often expertly mimicking specific real-world sex stimulation), they probably won’t come as a surprise.

“I’m excited about more informed product, including physiology and data informed products. Brands that are focusing their products on the wellness aspects of sex tech are also at the forefront,” she says. “We are working to destigmatize the taboos and allowing safe spaces to get in the mood and feel erotic via femme-informed products…We are very focused on wellness coaching and continuing to build it out. I’m excited about creating a truly holistic and experiential approach to sexual wellness that is integrated and comprehensive and touches on every part of sexuality and not just the toy.”

So if you’re a high-tech sex toy or sexual wellness geek, Lora DiCarlo is totally a space to watch as this awesome new partnership develops.

But if you’re not sure if that’s you just yet (totally understandable), here’s some parting daily sex positivity wisdom from DiCarlo herself that you’ll appreciate: “Stop letting fear and shame control your greatness and be kind to yourself. Understand that it’s okay to not feel sexy or not be in the mood just as much as it is okay to feel like you’re on the complete opposite of that spectrum,” DiCarlo says. “Conflict, growth, sex, emotion — good and bad — are all a part of the human condition. Stop setting unrealistic expectations and then bullying yourself for not stepping up. We’re human, so treat yourself like you’re human.”

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