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Chrissy Teigen Is Hospitalized With Scary Pregnancy Complications & People Keep Offering Garbage Advice

After Chrissy Teigen shared earlier this month that her high-risk pregnancy has left her on mandatory bed rest, she updated fans on Monday that she’s been admitted to the hospital due to the issues with her “weak placenta” and some bleeding.

“I was always, always bleeding. I’m about halfway through pregnancy and the blood has been going on for like a month,” Teigen said on Instagram stories, noting that she was experiencing bleeding that was beyond spotting and “more than your period.”

Teigen, who is always so candid and real (even in the face of something deeply personal and scary), shared some of the details that led to her and her husband’s decision to get medical attention: “Every time I would go to the bathroom [there] would be blood… but today the big difference was that it was kind of like if you were to just turn a faucet on low and just leave it there…It was at the point today where it was never stopping bleeding, and that’s obviously very bad,” she said via Instagram stories. “It’s so weird because I feel really good. I’m usually at my happiest pregnant, mood wise I feel happier than I do not pregnant, and that’s why it’s so hard for me to come to terms with.”

Whenever someone mentions anything to do with their health or their bodies on the Internet, a swarm of (probably) well-meaning armchair medical experts come out of the woodwork to offer advice that no one asked for —  and Teigen (with her volume of fans, which apparently do include medical professionals who need a reminder of boundaries) felt it was necessary to ask them to please knock it off.

“I just shared as much as you need to know about what’s goin on, on insta stories,” Teigen tweeted. “Medical Twitter I beg you to please not diagnose me as there are so many factors that make me different from your patients.”


Teigen had already (probably accidentally) shared that she’s expecting a boy in one of her previous dispatches and said that the issues she’s experiencing aren’t due to the fetus’ health but her “really, really weak placenta.” There’s a number of ways a placenta issue can complicated a pregnancy, but seeing as we ain’t Teigen’s doctor it’s not our place to speculate.

“He moves a lot, he moved so much earlier than [her other two children] ever did,” she said of baby number three. “But basically, he is the strongest, coolest dude in, like, the shittiest house. His house is falling apart.”

We say it a lot around here but it bears repeating: Bodies are complicated! So is pregnancy! Teigen’s mental and physical story is between herself, her family and her doctors and it benefits literally no one to give unsolicited advice or remote unsolicited diagnoses. You can sympathize, you can send positive vibes but keep the the rest to yourself — because the wisest and kindest move when it comes to other people’s bodies is often to mind your own business.

(And that goes for your friends and loved ones too, not just celebrities!)

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