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The EPA Says Pine-Sol Can Kill Coronavirus — & It’s On Sale On Amazon Right Now

Of all the items the pandemic has left perpetually out-of-stock, cleaning products that are confirmed to be effective against the coronavirus — lysol, clorox wipes, bleaches you can use for DIY solutions — are among the first to fly off the IRL and virtual shelves. New to the list of EPA-approved products that can kill the virus (when used correctly, following instructions): Pine-sol. (And, check it out, it’s on sale — almost half-off — on Amazon
right now!)

According to a release from Pine-Sol, “Pine-Sol® Original Multi-Surface Cleaner received approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for kill claims against SARS-Cov-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, on hard non-porous surfaces…The new claims come after third-party laboratory testing proved the disinfectant’s efficacy against the virus with a 10-minute contact time on hard non-porous surfaces.”

“We hope this new Pine-Sol® kill claim will increase access to disinfectants that can help prevent the spread of COVID-19,” Chris Hyder, Vice President and General Manager of the Cleaning division, at The Clorox Company said in a statement.

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So, provided you use the product as directed on a non-porous surface, wet with the cleaner for 10 minutes, this is a product that can now be helpful in keeping surfaces in your home clean and disinfected.

Of course, surface spread of the virus is not, according to officials, the major concern for people getting sick (that’s more likely to come from person-to-person transmission — and wearing your mask and keeping a distance is your go-to protection there).

“The CDC has advised that we have no documented evidence of people becoming infected after contact with a contaminated surface. With that said, of course, regular cleaning is recommended,” Gwen Murphy, Director of Epidemiology at LetsGetChecked previously told SheKnows. “For disinfection any standard household detergent should be effective, once you follow the relevant instructions.”

And, look, we know that cleaning products given this COVID-19 killing distinction tend to sell out fast, so here’s a few of the places we’ve found that you get what you need:

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This 144 oz bottle is also available at Target ($7.29) and Office Depot ($12.59).

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Sams Club

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Of course, this all comes with the blanket disclaimer to be a good neighbor and not go feral and hoard supplies that other folks in your community need — but hopefully having a few more options for cleaning supplies can help you and your family feel a bit more prepared and comfortable in the pandemic.

Before you go, here’s a few of our favorite wet wipes in case there’s no toilet paper near you: 

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