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Martha Stewart’s CBD Line Looks Like A Real Good Thing

On top of being a legend in the lifestyle space, Martha Stewart is now moving into the trendy CBD (short for cannabidiol) territory. Dropping her line of drops, gummies and gels in partnership with Canopy Growth (who also works with her friend Snoop Dogg) earlier this week

In February, Stewart first began her partnership with the company with plans to launch a number CBD products for pets, but (lucky for us) they ended moving forward with human products first.

“I am delighted to establish this partnership with Canopy Growth and share with them the knowledge I have gained after years of experience in the subject of living,” said Martha Stewart said in a statement in February.

Included in the collection are CBD Wellness Gummies (10mg of CBD isolate per gummy) in Citrus Medley and Berry Medley flavors, CBD softgels (25 mg of CBD isolate per gel) which are unflavored and CBD oil drops (25 mg per 1mL dropper) in Blood Orange, Meyer Lemon, or unflavored.

In a statement to CNN Business, Stewart said “I was surprised to learn that while most people have heard of CBD, less than 20% of us have actually tried it. For me, that signals a lot of opportunity to create beautiful, elevated products that help people live well.”

As SheKnows has previously reported, CBD products are a complicated market to talk about from a health perspective. While there is emerging research of ways cannabis plants can be used to help in antibacterial, antioxidative and anti-inflammatory ways.

As Brian Sanderoff, a licensed pharmacist who manages the Curio Wellness dispensary, previously told SheKnows: “CBD and the other cannabinoids act as a ‘homeostatic regulator’ [it helps regulate the physiological systems] for the body by returning the function of many different systems in the body back to normal. This is why you can see such a wide range of effects in different people with different conditions….Although it does not appear to directly activate either of the known cannabinoid receptor sites, EC1 or EC2, it likely has a potentiating effect for other cannabinoids and/or activates a yet-to-be-discovered ECS receptor site.”

With Martha entering the CBD game, it’ll certainly be a brand to watch — and we look forward to their animal products dropping later this year too!

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