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The Bella Twins Shared Their Post-Baby Bellies In a Beautiful Tribute to New-Mom Bodies

It’s been a busy week of reveals for the Bella twins, as they shared the first glimpses of their new boys — Matteo and Buddy — who were born within hours of each other in late-July, early-August. Now that they’ve both had time to settle in with their new babies, it’s officially the end of the chapter of the twin pregnancy journey they shared with us (and each other). To commemorate the occasion (and to share a new mom product they were totally loving), the sisters each shared posts that give an honest (if sponcon-friendly) look at the realities of a post baby body.

In the posts, which were sponsored by the postpartum brand Frida and their postpartum underwear, both Bellas show a cuddly moment in bed — soft undies, soft sheets and soft bellies out and proud.



We all know that human bodies are resilient and cool and capable of doing such amazing things (growing a human! wild!), so it was so special to get a peek into the sweet, quiet moments postpartum where the sisters get to just soak in what their recovering bodies have been through and love up on themselves.

“I am so incredibly happy to finally be a Mama,” Nikki wrote in her post. “It’s so important as mamas to take care of ourselves after birth and feel proud of our bodies and its strengths!”

There’s so many gross narratives out there about “losing baby weight” or “getting your body back!” or rushing blindly into working out to try and make it look like you didn’t just do some hardcore miracle-of-life work — so it’s always a relief to see mamas given the space to just enjoy the afterglow and rest! Especially for Nikki, who champed her way through her first birth and for Brie who had her second C-section with her “stubborn” second baby.

As Sara Reardon, a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist and founder of The Vagina Whisperer and NOLA Pelvic Health previously told SheKnows, rest and focusing on your body really matters: “Having the ‘all clear’ at your six-week checkup means that there is no sign of a condition or issue requiring medical intervention by the physician. It does not mean that your tissues are done healing or that they are ready for high impact. The first three months postpartum are a time for rest, breathwork, walking, attention to body mechanics and posture, and low impact exercises rebuilding your connection to your core.”

It’s so important to show this time of healing in a totally real (in all their poop-y, surprise pee, hemorrhoid-y, leaky boob glory) way. After all, if we don’t talk about the ways our bodies move through these experiences, we’ll never be able to bypass the cultures of stigma, silence and shame that keeps everyone from leaning on one another and sharing their hard-earned wisdom.

“Let’s be proud of our bodies and be open and honest about the process so future moms can feel more prepared too,”as Brie wrote in her post, and we say “hell yeah” to that.

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