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Savannah Guthrie Shares Her Latest Update After Her Toddler-Inflicted Eye Injury

It’s no secret that parenting can be a contact support. TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie discovered this fact when her son accidentally injured her eye with a toy train in November and, per her latest health update on another surgery, it’s something she’s still grappling with months later. 

The anchor shared that she had to delay the additional surgeries —  included the one she’s currently undergoing to have a cataract removed — due to the coronavirus pandemic. “Eventually I’m hopeful that when everything turns to normal, I’ll be able to schedule those surgeries and I’m hopeful there’ll be a big improvement,” Guthrie, 48, told People in April. “I don’t think my eye will ever be the way it once was, but I think it will be much improved.”

According to a paper in the Digital Journal of Ophthalmology, “the retina is the neural tissue which lines the entire inside of the back part the eye. The very center of the retina is called the macula, which is responsible for central vision.” 

They also note that “Cataract surgery is the most commonly performed type of eye surgery. In the vast majority of cases, approximately 95% of the time, the surgery is uncomplicated.”

But ahead of her surgery on Monday, she said she’s excited to resume her care and get her vision back on track: “It’s been a long time, I’m super excited. I feel like it’s Christmas morning because if they remove this cataract I’ll really be able to see, and I’ve had a hard time seeing,” Savannah said on TODAY.  As for her vision, she said “it’s kind of distorted and then it’s got a wavy thing, and now I have this cataract, which is a big blurry spot. Once they remove that blur, I think it will be a lot better.”

She also shared a cute photo of Charley playing a game of Operation on Instagram (a cute way to help a little one understand a health condition requiring hospitalization in an age-appropriate way), noting that this surgery was “an expected complication of the retina detachment”  and said she anticipated recovering and hopefully being back at work in a few days. 

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