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Spooning is the Cozy, Comforting Sex Position You Need to Try During Taurus Season

In the world of astrology, Taurus is often known for luxuriating. In matters of love, sex, work and play, Taureans have exacting tastes and prefer comfort to labor — working smarter and not harder —when it comes to getting what they want. After all, you spent all of Aries season coming into your power, so now it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor(s) and really bask in them. That’s why, for our Taurus season zodiac sex tip, we’re encouraging you to embrace each other (literally) by embracing spooning.

(As we say every month, you can find out about your individual horoscope and birth chart information — particularly when it comes to love and sex— by  looking at your own placements. Your Sun, Moon, Rising, Mars and Venus are a great place to start. We totally recommend doing a full reading with an astrologer at least once for the full experience and maximizing your star-powered knowledge. And, as we’re still in the midst of a pandemic, we also recommend practicing smart, quarantine-friendly sex at all times!)

If you want to know why we chose spooning for sexy Taurus vibes, that’s easy — it’s a tactile, highly intimate position (no social distancing when you’re mimicking cutlery) that is all about being nice andclose to your partner. .

“Taurus is an old-fashioned type when it comes to love, a complex combo of toughness and sensitivity. To the outside world, you may appear completely composed, but inside, you’re a hopeless romantic looking for that ‘love of a lifetime,'” as the Astro Twins write about Taurus lovers. “Your needs are basic: you want a stable, loyal partner who’s affectionate and classy. Why, then, does it seem so hard to find? For one thing, Taurus hates change, and that’s why you don’t just throw yourself into relationships. Once you’re in, you’re in. Predictability may bore some, but for you, it simply provides a canvas on which you create a lovely twosome.”

A good spooning position has room for adjustments — trusting that Taurus-ability to know what feels good and want to stick to it. But you can totally shift how you hold one another to make room for power and softness, for quick and sweet thrusts or sustaining, long lasting romps (hello Taurean endurance!). All the things that let you and your partner(s) feel good while feeling close.

And, ultimately, it’s a solid, reliable move that allows you and your partner to get what you’re craving and really take the time to enjoy it and each other. What’s more Taurus than that?

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