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How to Shop the Vitamin Aisle, Based on Your Diet

Intermittent Fasting

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Intermittent fasting is more of an eating pattern than a diet. Instead of limiting your intake of specific foods or food groups, you cycle between periods of eating and fasting, and the amount of time dedicated to each activity will vary from person to person.

Because intermittent fasting doesn’t call for restricting specific foods or food groups, it’s very possible to have a well-balanced diet while engaging in the eating pattern. Put simply, there’s no diet-related reason for you to be insufficient in any nutrients.

That said, it doesn’t hurt to speak to your primary care provider to ensure you’re getting all the vitamins and minerals you need. Popular supplements (for any diet) include calcium, vitamin B, vitamin C, and vitamin D, according to the NIH. And the NIH recommends iron and folic acid supplements for pregnant women, in particular.


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