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Effective Postpartum Numbing Sprays to Ease the Pain & Reduce Swelling

Labor is a lot of things —  beautiful, miraculous and, to put it bluntly, traumatic for your lady parts. Whether you delivered a bitty baby or a human the size of a small turkey, pushing a cantaloupe-sized head out of your nether regions is no small feat. You can expect some tearing, possibly stitches and postpartum soreness that can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Luckily, new moms don’t have to just endure the pain. As long as you’re prepared with the right tools, such as peri bottles, pads and postpartum numbing spray, you’ll be on the road back to normal in no time. 

Similar to peri bottles in the sense that these products are going to be a bathroom staple weeks to months after delivery, postpartum numbing sprays are essentially aerosol mists for that now extremely sensitive area. Spritzing pre, post or during your bathroom break will cool and numb the area to reduce pain and further swelling.

Of course, before you splurge on just any bottle, it’s important that you read through its ingredients label to make sure nothing funky is being sprayed down there. Trust: The last thing you need is more irritation. To save you some time scanning label after label, we’ve rounded up the best postpartum numbing sprays to add to your hospital bag. Thank us later.

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1. Earth Mama Herbal Perineal Spray

Earth Mama’s motto is to “take care down there” by providing new mamas with healthy, gentle products that alleviate the pain postpartum. The brand’s Herbal Perineal Spray is no exception, and is truly a birthing bag essential for new moms. The formula is an herbal blend of cooling cucumber, soothing organic witch hazel, peppermint and lavender, among others commonly used to treat postpartum ailments. The inverted sprayer makes it easy to spritz without having to bend or maneuver much, so you can spray as much as you need for instant relief.

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2. Motherlove Sitz Bath Spray

Fun fact: The color blue is soothing, so between Motherlove’s packaging and the ingredients making up its Sitz Bath Spray, this postpartum numbing spritz is sizing up to become a staple in your medicine cabinet. Organic and cruelty-free, Motherlove’s formula consists of witch hazel leaf, yarrow herb, and uva ursi leaf with grapefruit and lavender essential oils. The all-natural mist works to soothe sore perineal muscles and provide relief from any discomfort you might feel down there postpartum.

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Motherlove Sitz Bath Spray $11.99 on Buy now Sign Up

3. Frida Mom Perineal Healing Foam

Sprays can be soothing, or they can be uncomfortable. If you’re not interested in spritzing your sensitive area to numb the pain, consider this fluffy alternative from Frida Mom. Yes, we’re well aware that this product initially looks like shaving cream, but this magical foam is going to do wonders for your perineal area. The formula consists of medicated witch hazel to provide instant relief and reduce hemorrhoids and swelling. It can be sprayed directly on the area, or applied to a wearable pad.

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Frida Mom Perineal Healing Foam $12.97 on Buy now Sign Up

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