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The Peri Bottles That Should Be in Every Postpartum Bathroom

After you’ve given birth, that precious little newborn will be the center of your world. However, make sure to save some of that TLC for yourself, too. Yes, the female body was made to carry and deliver babies, but labor is hard and the postpartum recovery period is real. The good news is you can speed up the process and alleviate some of the pain by investing in a few key tools such as postpartum belly wraps to provide physical support and peri bottles to gently clean the perineal area after you’ve gone to the bathroom. 

If you’ve never heard of a peri bottle, pay attention: Peri bottles are, essentially, squirt bottles designed to clean your perineal area, aka the space between your vagina and anus that swells after delivery. And, by the way, whether you deliver naturally or via C-section, if it’s not your perineal area that’s sore from pushing, a tear or incision, it’s stitches from a C-section that will make bending over to wipe properly a challenge. Plus, traditionally wiping your nether regions won’t be an option for up to three weeks after delivery: the paper-to-skin contact will be too harsh. Enter peri bottles, your handy bathroom liaison. 

How do you use a peri bottle, you ask? First, fill the bidet-in-bottle-form with warm water, then aim the opened tip towards the area you want to cleanse and squeeze to release the liquid. Some women use it after going to the bathroom to clean up, others use it while they go to the bathroom to dilute the urine and reduce the pain. Either way, peri bottles are a hospital bag staple, and we’ve rounded up the best peri bottles out there so you can come out of labor at least partially prepared for what comes next. 

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1. Frida Mom Upside Down Peri Bottle

After delivery, your nurses will likely provide you with a hospital-provided peri bottle, but we highly suggest bringing your own. This option is among the best of the best portable bidets. This hand spout doesn’t require you to stick your hand in the toilet bowl or put pressure on C-section incisions: All you have to do is fill it with warm water (plus one to two drops of witch hazel for extra relief, if you’d like), turn it upside down and aim the narrowed, angled neck where you need relief. The bottle holds up to 10 ounces for a continuous stream of relief per bathroom break, and liquid comes out as a spray rather than an intense squirt to guarantee your comfort.

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2. Ninja Mama Postpartum Peri Bottle

The Ninja Mama Postpartum Peri Bottle is truly a game changer. Unlike other peri bottles on the market that only hold so much liquid, the Ninja Mama spritzer holds up to 15 ounces of water at a time, so feel free to use as much as you need (you likely won’t run out in one sitting). It also features a seven-inch-long spout to negate any awkward bending or maneuvering tricks to garner perfect aim. Plus, the spout is also retractable, minimizing the device to only 8 inches in size, so it fits nice and snug in the pretty travel bag included with your purchase.

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3. Ellatree Peri Bottle

Whether you need a peri bottle for postpartum or for your monthly cycle, this peri bottle is easy to use. It’s perfectly designed to bring you instant relief, especially during postpartum. It has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to hold, and it boasts a 7-inch retractable nozzle that allows you to get a more targeted spray without straining your hand to try and get the right angle. It also comes with a handy travel bag for on-the-go.

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4. Dimes Peri Bottle

If you’re prone to lose things often (you’re not alone), then a three-pack of peri bottles is a wise idea to save you stress down the road. You can’t go wrong with this simple, everyday design that does just what it needs to do. These bottles can be used for more than just postpartum needs thanks to the basic design, so put your imagination to the test.

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