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Easy Sex Positions That Are Absolutely Perfect for Lazy Mornings

Few of us wake up in the morning feeling absolutely ready to tackle the day. Instead, our mornings are punctuated by snooze buttons, snores, and alarms that always seem to come too soon. Amidst this daily grogginess — when even simple tasks, like brushing our teeth, turn into chores — mustering the energy for effort-intensive sex seems downright unfathomable. We don’t want to mount our partners and deliver the performance of a lifetime; we want to lazily roll around and indulge in some of the easiest sex positions this world has to offer. If — and only if — it involves comfort, warmth, and some amount of laziness, we’re in.

Thankfully, we humans have been having sex for a while now. And over the course of decades — centuries, millennia— we’ve mastered the lazy sex position. These days, we have a veritable plethora of easy sex positions to turn to whenever we find ourselves in need of a little lazy luxury. Perfect for mornings when you’re too groggy to try, evenings when you’re too exhausted to care, and all kinds of moments in between, easy sex positions make for a worthy staple in anyone’s repertoire.

No climbing, bending, or stretching here. No setting new records. No reaching new heights. Just straight-up sex, executed in the snuggliest, most low-key way possible. Because sometimes you want to get off in a decidedly low-maintenance way, and really, where’s the harm in that?


The Lizard offers all the laziness of classic Missionary, with a much-needed twist—it puts you on top. Mount your partner the same way you would during Cowgirl, then let your legs stretch out on either side of your partners’, and let your chest drape over theirs. From there, you can kiss, cuddle, and whisper sweet nothings into their ears.


The Plain is a lot like Prone—only vaguely snugglier. Lie on your stomach, and invite your partner to climb on top of you, with their legs straddling yours. Both of you can bend your legs until you feel comfortable, and you can engage in sex that’s as slow and sensual as you want it to be.

Pro tip: You can, of course, keep your chest pressed flat into the bed (and your partner can keep their chest pressed onto your back). Or, your partner can use their arms to elevate their chest as much as they want to—and you can use yours to press your back into their chest for extra snuggles.


The Tamer is branded as a foreplay position, which makes it an excellent addition to even the laziest of mornings. Lie on your side, just like you would before spooning with your partner. Then, invite your partner to spoon you—from reverse (so, their head is where your feet are, and their feet are where you head is). Once your partner is comfortable, they can slide their hand into you, and they can pull their body forward just a little more when both of you are ready for penetration.

Watering Can

The Watering Can is exactly like classic Cowgirl—only lazier. Assume your go-to Cowgirl position, then drop your chest into your partner’s and wrap your arms around their neck. From there, you can grind forward and back, slide further into your snuggles, and thoroughly caress your partner’s hair.


Think of the Horizon as an extremely sleepy version of 69. Lie on your side, facing your partner. And invite them to do the same—except, make sure their head is facing your nether parts, and that your head is facing theirs. From there, you can perform oral sex without so much as even lifting your head. And they can do the same.


The Thirst is one of the loveliest, snuggliest, laziest sex positions this world has to offer. Lie on your side, facing your partner, and invite them to do the same. Slide into a comfortable hug, and invite your partner to slip one leg between yours. When they do, clasp your legs together to tighten your embrace.

From this position, you can kiss, hug, caress—and of course, have some of the most tangled-up sex of your life.


Spooning sex is a staple in any lazy bedroom repertoire. And the Tango puts just enough of a spin on the classic to keep things interesting. Instead of lying completely on your side, lie on your back, with your knees bent and your legs tilted to one side. Then, invite your partner to lie on their side, facing you. This should give them ample opportunity for cozy penetration.

From there, your partner should be able to slide one arm under your head and to use the other to stimulate you in whatever way you please. And you should be able to place one hand on their neck so that you can pull them in for sweet, passionate kisses any time you see fit.

Before you go, check out 69 sex positions we’d recommend you try:

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