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Pregnancy Sex Positions That Are Doctor-Approved

The thought of having sex during pregnancy can be a scary thing for a lot of couples. Will it harm the baby? Could it induce labor? These questions and more are often top of mind for parents-to-be — on top of all the other changes to your body while pregnant. But according to experts, sex is actually completely safe throughout pregnancy—as long as you’re not dealing with certain complications, like an incompetent cervix. Holly Richmond, a clinical sex therapist, says the best time to have pregnancy sex is during the second trimester, as this is when the queasiness and discomfort of the first trimester is (usually) over and your belly still hasn’t reached peak size.

Enjoying sex throughout your pregnancy also often has to do with the position. A 2010 study revealed that those who achieved the most sexual satisfaction during pregnancy sex, opted for specific positions, such as those that are abdominally supportive.

If you’re hoping to achieve great sex during those nine months ahead, here are a few pregnancy sex positions to give a try that are doctor-approved. But, if you’re ever unsure of feeling uncomfortable be sure to chat with your doctor about what might be best for you and your body!

Froggy Style

This is basically doggy style, but the person who is pregnant will position themselves on their forearms, rather than their hands. This may be preferable earlier on in the pregnancy, since balancing on all fours can be a challenge once your bump is more of a presence. Make sure your stomach feels comfortable and adjust or add pillows accordingly!


Lie comfortably with your knees bent and have your partner come from behind. As we’ve noted before, this position lets the partner being penetrated control the depth of penetration (just curling your legs can make all the difference). Plus, you can easily add toys to the mix for added stimulation and fun.

Side by Side

For this position, you’ll lie facing each other, as the pregnant person’s top leg is kept straight and to the side. Your partner will slide their leg over and enter at an angle. This helps in keeping any weight from coming down on the belly.


An empowering fave for many, this position allows the pregnant person to be on top and control the intensity of stimulation.


Maybe it’s one of those days when maybe you’re not feeling your best or penetrative sex is feeling a bit more on the uncomfy side. But if you find yourself still in the mood for some action, oral sex and mutual masturbation are certainly safe and sexy options that seldom disappoint.

Edge of the Bed/Chair

Pull up a seat! For this position, one partner can sit on the edge of the bed or chair, while the partner being penetrated can sit down facing away. It’s basically backwards riding and can leave your partner’s hands free for other activities.

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