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5 Oral Sex Positions That Don’t Involve You on Your Knees

Let’s be honest: Knee pain isn’t going to stop you from pleasuring your partner if the mood is right. So, why not make it a win-win for you both? We spoke to Susan Mayer, Ph.D., a clinical sexologist and author of the forthcoming title Does Sex Have an Expiration Date: Rethinking Low Libido for Women (aged 35-105) & the Men Who Love Them. / A guide to Developing Your Ageless Sex Life, to offer up tips for the best oral sex positions that’ll keep you comfy and off your knees. Finally, oral you can both enjoy! Here are five positions to try next time you’re feeling generous.

Good ol’ 69

Classic aside, this position offers more than simultaneous pleasure. Because you’re both lying down, it’s ideal for couples with a noticeable height difference, says Dr. Mayer. Even better, 69 takes pressure off both you and your partner’s knees when you lie side-by-side, she adds.

Get into position: Lie on the side most comfortable to you, then ask your partner to lie opposite so you both face each other’s genitals. For added comfort, feel free to rest your legs on your partner’s shoulders, or vice versa.

Pleasure Mechanic

Trust us, this position is as sexy as its name suggests, and supreme for roleplay. Because your partner will be on their stomach with you hidden underneath, their imagination is free to run wild — like your tongue.

Get into position: Ask your partner to lie on their stomach with legs spread and a pillow propped underneath their hips for slight elevation. Next, lay on your back just below your partner and inch your way upward until your head meets their genitals. Then, slowly maneuver your head between your partner’s spread legs.

Good Vibrations

Nothing says “O” like your partner receiving oral atop a vibrating washing machine. Sure, you can purchase sex furniture to assist with moves that might otherwise be uncomfortable, but it’s more cost-efficient and definitely more fun to create your own, says Mayer. Especially when that furniture shakes for added pleasure.

Get into position: With help from you or a step stool, ask your partner to sit face forward near the edge of the washing machine, legs spread. Next, face your partner with slightly spread legs, and bend forward. Use your arms as support to lightly lean against either the top of the washing machine, or your partner while you perform.

“O”-ver the Edge

This position is as easy to get into as it is enjoyable. Between facing each other and being in arm’s reach, you can choose to keep this move as simple or as wild as you’d like! Eye-gazing, hair-pulling, and back scratching can all help add to the excitement!

Get into position: Ask your partner to lie on their back on the edge of the bed, legs spread. Bring a stool, bench, or small chair to the bed’s edge and sit. Then, spread your legs, slightly bend your head forward, and rest your partner’s legs over your shoulders while you perform.


This position is the oral sex equivalent to “lazy sex” intercourse. The best part? Whether you’re on the bed, the couch, or the floor, you can add pillows wherever necessary for added comfort. “Pillows are great to lean on, so you’ll feel relaxed in whichever position you’re in,” Mayer says.

Get into position: Ask your partner to lie on their side, legs closed. (Legs can also be spread into butterfly pose, if they so choose). Then lie on your side, perpendicular to your partner, with your face near their genitals. Simply relax and enjoy!

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