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You Can Literally Dance Your Way to a Better Sex Life — Here’s How

It’s not as crazy as it sounds. In fact, dancing your way to better sex makes a heck of a lot of sense when you think about how similar sex and dancing are. They both raise your heart rate. They both connect you to your partner. They both get you out of your head and into your body. You feel your pulse rise. You see sweat begin to bead. You sense your body giving in. Your mind wanders. Your adrenaline races. A warm sensation runs from the bottom of your toes to the top of your head. You feel a sense of giddiness that words simply can’t describe. Suddenly, you are truly in the moment in the most spectacular of ways.

That could easily be describing great sex, but it also describes dancing. The best part is that neither the style of dancing nor level of talent matter. Movement is the only thing that matters, whether it’s side swaying, hip shaking, pelvis thrusting, or shoulder shimmying, making those moves on the dance floor will translate directly to the bedroom. Our bodies love to move and yet we spend most of our time restraining them — hence the barrier and the secret to great sex.

We spend most of our time sitting still whether it’s at work at driving to work at watching TV on the couch after work — we are completely disconnected from our bodies, and it couldn’t be any more unnatural. It’s tough to feel sexy in your own skin when you rarely have the chance to move around in it. Not feeling sexy means it’s a lot less likely that you’ll be inspired to act sexily. Worst of all, we might be sending a “keep your distance” message to our partners when that’s the last message in the world that we want to send.

Luckily the remedy is easy — and fun. Move your body. One better — dance your body. Doing that, even in non-sexual ways, revs up your drive to engage it in sexual ways. That could mean ballet or jazz or tap for some sure. But for most, it’s the “dancing like no one’s watching” kind of dancing that kicks our bodies back into gear.  Why this works is not that complicated.

The endorphins released when dancing — when doing any kind of exercise really — is addictive. Get moving on the dance floor and you’ll want to get moving in the bedroom too. Plus, muscle memory is a real thing. When you dance, you are likely moving your body in sensual, even sexual ways. Your body remembers it can do that (and that it likes it) and will be at the ready to repeat those movements in another context, a sexy context that is.

How else does dancing improve sex? Well, it makes you very aware of your own body. When we’re disconnected from our bodies, we can easily forget just how sexy we really are (and, yes, you are very sexy — trust me.)  Moving your body will remind you of your sexy potential. And, believe me, your partner will be able to tell when you and your body are in sync and they will definitely want to get in on that too.

If you really want to seal the deal, and use dance to take your sex life to the next level, dance with your partner. You’ll double down on the benefits. Turn your living room into a dance floor, sign up for dance classes or go to a club or event that has dancing. A night full of bodies touching, heart rates rising, and muscles engaging can be very inspirational. Spend the evening teasing one another and you can just imagine where the night will take you once you get back home.

Dancing is about being in the moment. It’s about truly enjoying where you are instead of worrying where you think you need to be. It’s about slowing down and worrying more about focusing and less about dual tasking. It’s about seducing yourself with the music – and your partner with your moves. It’s about sensualizing your body which likely spends way too much time sitting and not nearly enough time getting its groove on.

So, hit the dance floor, at home, at the gym, at a bar. Just move. Forget everyone else. Remember your body and mark my words, that body of yours will thank you. And your sex life will too.

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