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Mandy Moore’s Take on Plastic Surgery & Photoshop May Surprise You

When it comes to plastic surgery and airbrushing photos, everyone has an opinion. Many point to the fact that being able to physically or digitally alter your appearance with such ease may have contributed to the recent increase in body dysmorphic disorder. But actor and singer Mandy Moore has an interesting take on plastic surgery and use of Photoshop: to each their own.

In an interview with People, Moore said individuals can — and should — do whatever they want, as long as it makes them happy. “I don’t see what the big deal would be anyway. It’s like, whatever someone does to make themselves feel better; I don’t pass any judgement,” she told the magazine.

This perspective is admirable. Everyone should be able to live a life which makes them happy. However, Moore’s outlook is likely the result of how she feels about her own body. The This Is Us star told People she has managed to avoid major body image issues. “I’ve looked different ways and I went through puberty I guess as a young person in the public eye,” Moore said, “but I’ve always felt pretty comfortable in my skin and people always let me be myself.” But not everyone is as fortunate, which is why millions turn to Photoshop, Snapchat or Instagram filters and plastic surgery in the first place.

Everyone wants picture-perfect features.

Moore isn’t the only celebrity to speak out about these alteration services. Actor, activist, founder of the @i_weigh social media movement and recent #BlogHer Health 2019 speaker Jameela Jamil has discussed both, but instead of urging individuals to do whatever makes them “feel better,” Jamil encourages women (and men) to love themselves as they are.

In an interview with BBC News, Jamil recently called for a ban on Photoshop, aka airbrushing — referring to the practice as “a crime against our gender.”

So while we applaud Moore’s open-minded stance, we also hope everyone remembers to pursue their own happiness not because of some internet or celeb-based ideal but because it truly makes them feel full and brings them real and pure joy.

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