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Sexy Games to Play With Your Partner This Valentine’s Day

There’s no better day to shake things up sexually than on Valentine’s Day. Along with some red wine and chocolates, you can use these sexy games to playfully taunt and tease each other until, inevitably, you both cave because you can’t resist each other any longer.

While some are physical games you can purchase online, others are seductive and fun activities that work as great foreplay and help you get to know each other a bit better. Add these games into your Valentine’s Day for some spice and novelty.

Sexy scavenger hunt

“Set a timer for five minutes while each of you runs around the house to find everyday objects to spice things up, such as a wooden spoon that can spank and tease, a bandana that can serve as a blindfold or chocolate syrup and whipped cream from the fridge,” sexologist Dr. Laura Deitsch tells SheKnows. See who can find the most in the end, and the winner gets to receive pleasure first. But really, you both win here!

The lap dance swap

In this game, one partner gets comfy in a chair and picks their favorite song while the other gives a lap dance. After the steamy sashays are complete and the song is over, switch to keep the fun going, Deitsch says.

You can wear your favorite lingerie and have fun putting on a private show for each other during which you feel confident in your own skin.

Play Sex Stack

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Image: Amazon .

This awesome game has plenty of “teaser” activity cards, and you’ll never do the same act twice with your partner, so you can literally keep playing for hours, Megan Stubbs, certified sexologist and relationship expert, tells SheKnows. (And once Valentine’s Day ends too.)

Sex Stack, $22.95 at Amazon

Get outdoors if you can

If you live in a warmer location or are lucky enough to have a day of sunshine in February, make the most of it and incorporate the outdoors into your sex life. “Make out on a hike, find a hot spring that allows skinny dipping, or rent a hotel room with an outdoor hot tub,” Stubbs says.

All these things will get you out of the house and bring some adventure to get the adrenaline going, and you’ll be dying to take each other home after for round two.


“If talking dirty makes you squeamish, reading literotica to your partner allows you to dip a toe into the water of any fantasy imaginable without coming up with the plot on your own,” Stubbs says.

Find the sexiest story you can, and read to each other to set the mood. You’d be surprised how much 10 minutes of reading can rev up the engine. Peruse free erotica at — there are tons of entries, so let your imagination wander.

Roll the dice

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Image: Amazon .

“These glow-in-the-dark dice offer sensual commands with a quick roll on the bed. One die tells you what to do, and the other tells you what body part to do it to,” Stubbs says. What happens next and to what extent you take the task is up to you.

Erotic dice, $8.98 at Amazon

Have “game night” with 1,000 choices

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Image: Amazon.

This game set combines foreplay, intimacy and sexy plot twists. “Play your favorite games over and over again or learn a new sex game each time you play. Playing equals winning,” Stubbs explains. You’ll have some fun with new positions, foreplay techniques, role-play, erotic edibles and even body shots.

1000 Sex Games, $17.99 at Amazon

Take a steamy soak

Has your day-to-day life taken a toll on your connection with your partner? Consider taking a bath together, as it’s romantic and soothing, especially with some extra sexy additions. “Light some candles, get a bottle of wine, and add a little music. Wash each other, cuddle, enjoy some wine — I guarantee things will move in a sexy direction,” Stubbs says.

Regardless of how you spend the evening, the important part is that you have some quality time together. And if it’s fun and hot too, that’s a bonus.

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