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6 Things to Do for Your Vagina on Valentine’s Day

Each year, Valentine’s Day rolls around and we rack our brains over how to show our significant others we care. But you know who really deserves a bit of love on this heart-shaped holiday? Your vagina.

‘Cause let’s be real. It’s the greatest. It’s responsible for so many of the enjoyable moments that happen on Valentine’s Day after the chocolates have been unboxed and any kids have gone to bed. And it’s totally selfless about it too. You don’t hear your vagina trying to take all the credit or subtly imply you owe it one.

So, it’s time to show it some of the thoughtfulness you typically reserve for your partner this time of year. Since you can’t exactly go out and buy it a dozen roses, here are six ways you can show your vagina you care.

Just think of it as the kind of V-Day where the V is a double entendre in the best way.

1. Use a water-based lube

Whether you’re having sexy time solo or with someone else on Valentine’s Day, water-based lube can enhance the experience. It isn’t just for dryness. Although to be clear, it absolutely helps with that. But it’s also perfect for helping any toys you bring into the bedroom glide over (or into) all the right spots.

2. Book a yoni massage

First things first. In case you aren’t hip to the lingo, yoni is Sanskrit for “vagina.” So a yoni massage is just that — a massage for your vagina. Yes, this is a thing you can book a licensed professional to do for you. And per the Somananda Yoga School, there are numerous health benefits.

For example, your yoni is a very powerful source of latent energy, so massaging it can release that dormant, yet potent energy. Also, according to Somananda, the yoni is a storehouse for emotions since women tend to internalize so much. In that sense, a yoni massage can help women unblock any negativity and find spiritual clarity.

Even if you aren’t sure how you feel about all that, it’s worth a try for one simple reason: It feels good. If you don’t feel comfortable having a professional do it (or paying them hundreds for it), you could always go solo or enlist your partner to be your personal yoni masseuse.

3. Consider vaginal rejuvenation

Let us preface this by saying your vagina is beautiful just the way she is. They all are. And vaginal rejuvenation, although becoming more mainstream, isn’t without controversy. From how it is defined to how safe it is, there’s plenty being debated.

But with Hollywood powerhouse-turned-lifestyle guru Jada Pinkett Smith having recently revealed her experience on Red Table Talk, our interest is admittedly piqued. As Pinkett Smith explained on her web series, she enjoys nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation — a process that relies on radio frequency or laser energy to induce collagen tightening. “When I tell you my yoni is like a 16-year-old, I’m not kidding. I’m talking about the outside. It’s like a little beautiful peach,” Pinkett Smith raved during the episode.

Although the procedure (and others like it) is highly touted for aesthetic purposes, it doesn’t just make your pink lady prettier. It’s recommended for medical issues ranging from dryness to incontinence.

4. Take a soothing bath

Despite all those romantic movies making it seem like bubbles for days are the sexiest bath time accessories, make yours bubble bath-free. The sudsy solution can irritate the delicate skin of your vagina. But a post-sex soak can hydrate the vagina’s outer skin and soothe any irritation from a romp, especially if you add a bit of extra-virgin coconut oil to the tub. Even if you don’t have sex on Valentine’s Day, your vagina will thank you for the TLC.

5. Get waxed… or not!

You do you, girl. Does the bareness of a Brazilian make you feel sexy and refreshed? Then by all means, do it. Well, have a professional do it, because DIY can be a recipe for an angry vagina. But alternately, if you prefer a fuller bush down there, give yourself permission to let it grow. By now, we should all know that our vaginas want us to be happy, and that includes grooming proclivities.

6. Go sans panties

Yep, we’re totally recommending you go commando on V-Day. We’d be remiss not to mention right off the bat that having your partner think about this is basically foreplay all day. If you’re flying solo, you should still forget to put on panties — again, if that’s your thing. If giant cotton granny panties are more your speed, then by all means, put ’em on!

The bottom line is that you (and your vagina) deserve a little bit of TLC this year — it will make it a very happy Valentine’s Day.

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