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Delay your honeymoon?

Believe it or not, sometimes the best way to enjoy your honeymoon is to put it off for a while.

After all, running out to catch a 6 a.m. flight the morning after your wedding can be exhausting and stress inducing, and it could take you three full days during your trip to unwind from all the
wedding craziness of the week before. Instead, you can plan your honeymoon for a week later, a month later, even several months later and really enjoy your trip from start to finish.

Some couples, still wanting a getaway after the wedding, take a mini-trip for three or four days just to escape reality and relax. But they save the big trip for later.

Here are some of the top reasons more and more couples are delaying their honeymoons:

{headlineLow on cash It’s a money issue. If they’ve just spent a fortune on their wedding, they don’t want to further burn up their credit cards by charging a full-blown honeymoon right on its

Many couples want to see just how much wedding gift money they get, and then they plan their honeymoon according to the budget that allows them. If they make thousands, then they’re off to Hawaii
for 2 weeks, instead of one, or off to Italy for a week.

Waiting allows them to use the rewards points on their credit cards from all of those wedding purchases and charges for the big day. A month later, their rewards points are in, and they can use
those for freebies or upgrades, discounts on everything from their flight to their hotel to rental cars to a trousseau.

Bargain shopping

Looking for lower prices, smart couples may know that the off-peak tourist season at their wished-for destination is just a few weeks away. Waiting a month to travel there could save them 50 percent
off their honeymoon expenses. Remember, peak tourist seasons vary in different regions, and on different islands.


Waiting a few weeks or months could mean better weather — and avoiding the tail end of hurricane season — at their chosen destination.

Waiting could mean avoiding the huge crowds and elevated expenses during big event and festival time at that destination. When the big event is gone, hotels lower their rates. So that means you can
go to New Orleans without fighting Mardi Gras crowds, or Hollywood when the Oscars are over.

Waiting for the right time

Some couples just want to take the time to get their life in order. They might be moving to a new home, or a new state. They might be studying for their bar or medical board exams. It might be the
crazy-busy season at work. Whatever major stresses they’re already under can pass, and then the honeymoon can be enjoyed 100 percent with all that activity behind them.

Waiting could mean that you can take a longer honeymoon. When you consider that you have 2 weeks of vacation time at work (or less) each year, you may have already burned up a week of that time with
other things, such as other wedding week events, and traveling to prepare for a distance wedding. That only leaves you with a week for your honeymoon.If you can wait until the next calendar year which might be only a month or two away you can take that 10-day cruise you’ve been dreaming about. Couples who didn’t know they could delay their
honeymoon complain that they only got 4 days on the island. It’s a big regret when they look back and realize they could have had ten days instead.

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