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Marriage Builder – How much do you know about your mate?

How much do you really know about your mate? Marriage experts Claudia and David Arp — founders of Marriage Alive! — share with you this game.

Try me
How much do you really know about your mate? Most couples tend to talk about everything except themselves, so you may be surprised to discover how much you don’t know about your mate’s personal likes and dislikes — no matter how long you’ve been married. To discover what your mate is thinking and to find out personal preferences, play the game “Try Me.”

How to play
Either can start the game. Ask a question about yourself which the other must try to answer, such as, “Tell me how I would spend an evening if I could do anything I wanted.”

The game’s purpose, of course, is to deepen your knowledge of each other. The subjects may range from heavy (“Tell me my position on assisted suicide”) to light (“Tell me my favorite flavor of gum”). Here are some questions to get your started.

1. What subject would I like to study?
2. What comic strips do I read regularly?
3. Which place I would visit first in a strange city — the museum or the shopping mall?
4. Who’s the funniest person I know?
5. What are some of my favorite sayings?
6. What is favorite color? Food? Season of the year?

Once you get started, you may have trouble stopping. At least you’ll end the game with some new insights about your mate. Why not try it and find out for yourself?

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