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Fitness videos – The Radio City Rockettes

Want to work out but hate going to the gym? Well here’s a tape to help you work out at home. Writer Cheri Sicard reviews The Radio City Rockettes Kick Into Fitness Video.

Kick it into high gear
If you’ve ever dreamed of being a lovely, leggy dancer, like the famed Radio City Rockettes, you’ll undoubtedly have a good time with this video. Some of the routines actually incorporate the high-kick choreography that made the Rockettes famous, so video exercisers can really let their imagination go and have fun while simultaneously breaking a hefty sweat.

This is multi-layered workout with emphasis almost equally on aerobics, toning, flexibility and stretch. You’ll see moves from jazz and ballet along with Pilates and yoga.

This is a tough workout and, despite what the box says, is not really for beginners. Low impact alternatives are given for some of the moves, but a lot of this workout is higher impact. Intermediate to advanced exercisers will find this a fun, challenging workout, however.

The video begins with a warm-up and stretch that was good, although I wish they had moved a little slower and held the stretches a tad longer. This was followed by a vigorous aerobic routine that will have you dancing like a Rockette. The second part of the aerobics is the “kick intensive” section which is based on the famous kick lines the dancers are known for.

Advanced and challenging

Aerobics are followed by a core strengthening section. Fans of Pilates will be familiar with some of the moves, although the Rockettes add some interesting variations. Again, this section is advanced and quite challenging. I would not recommend it for beginners. The tape concludes with some deep stretching to improve flow and flexibility.

This tape was enjoyable and much more of a serious workout than I expected. If you enjoy tough aerobic dance, you should have a good time with this workout, and you’ll also get the extra toning and stretching elements.

Kick Into Fitness is available at as well as through the Avon Wellness Catalog.

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