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11 ways to avoid inside allergies during the spring and summer

You can reduce your allergic misery if you take steps to keep the culprits out of your house.

11 tips to prevent allergies

Woman sneezing1) If you suffer from seasonal allergies caused by plants and trees, keep windows shut and the air conditioner on.

2) Purchase an air filter to clean out pollens, molds and dust.

3) Use a dehumidifier in damp areas like the basement.

4) Install wood, tile or vinyl floors rather than carpet because they can be mopped regularly.

5) If you do have carpets, have someone else do the vacuuming or buy a vacuum cleaner designed to reduce dust emissions.

6) Minimize clutter, book collections and bric-a-brac, which serve as havens for dust and pollens.

7) Keep pets outside or bathe them regularly if they’re indoors, and don’t let them sleep in your bed.

8) Wash your hair every day to rinse off dust and pollen.

9) If you’ve been in the yard, leave shoes at the door and wash your clothes in hot water as soon as possible.

10) Treat carpets with an anti-allergen spray that kills dust mites.

11) Mattress and pillow covers can provide a barrier between you and the dust mites in your bed, where they live and breed.

You won’t be able to eliminate every allergen from your home, but with these steps you can make it a comfortable place even during the peak of allergy season.

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