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Chrissy Teigen’s Tip for Managing Holiday Stress (& What She Wants for Christmas)

Amid writing cookbooks, taking down the patriarchy on social media and being a mom to her growing family, Chrissy Teigen has an incredibly full schedule all year, but especially during the holidays. So how does the woman who does it all manage the stress that comes with it? Turns out it’s a simple but effective strategy.

“I take things one day at a time,” Teigen said at a Chase Ultimate Rewards holiday event SheKnows attended in New York City on Wednesday.

In conversation with personal finance expert and #BlogHerHealth alumna Farnoosh Torabi, Teigen shared that this year’s holiday season took her by surprise.

“This year is especially weird because I just feel like it really just snuck up so quickly,” she said. “Halloween happened, and we didn’t really have Halloween because we were filming our Christmas special over Halloween. And there were just Christmas trees everywhere. Luna was so confused. She did trick-or-treating at Universal Studios to celebrity trailers. It was so weird, but honestly, she’s probably very lucky to do that.”

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Speaking of her daughter, Luna, and the holidays, Teigen said she and husband John Legend are establishing their own traditions.

“She’s just starting to learn about Santa,” Teigen explained. “I wasn’t even sure I wanted her to believe in Santa, or I had no idea which way I wanted to go with it, and John and I were like, ‘I don’t know; we’ll just figure it out when she asks, I guess.’”

In addition to shopping for her husband — who also has a birthday on Dec. 28 — Teigen is looking forward to shopping for Luna and 6-month-old Miles.

“I’m excited to shop for the kids and to see them get excited for something — not Miles, really. He’s excited for milk. That’s it,” she said.

And while Teigen is a big fan of giving presents to other people, there’s one part of the tradition that makes her uncomfortable.

“I love giving gifts, and I get a lot of joy out of seeing people open things, and I get really embarrassed when I have to open something in front of other people,” she said.

But what does Teigen want for Christmas? Like so many people trying to balance a career, family and everything else life throw at us, her biggest wish is for more time.  

“A vacation, just some time away would be nice,” she said. “Thirty hours in a day would be good. My birthday is Friday, and we’re going away for a little bit, and that’s going to be nice, but yeah, I don’t think I’d ask for anything other than a little time.”

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Given her schedule, Teigen explained time is a precious commodity because it goes so quickly — especially this time of the year.

“The days start to go — especially around the holidays,” she said. “It’s super-stressful, and you’re thinking of so much, and you’re juggling kids and juggling people.”

This year, we’re taking a page out of her playbook and taking everything one day at a time.

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