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Marriage Builder – Reading together

Have you read any good books lately — together? If your answer is “no,” consider developing the reading-together habit. Reading a book or article and then discussing it is a great way to become intellectually closer.
Reading togetherNew area of intimacy
A whole new area of intimacy in marriage can emerge when we share thoughts and feelings generated by good literature.

  • Read aloud together, perhaps at night before going to bed. It’s a great
    way to relax.
  • Read the same book privately. One mate underlines things of interest in
    red; the other underlines in blue. Then
    choose a time to discuss your insights about what you have read.
  • Become aware of what your spouse is already reading. Then read the book or magazine yourself and discuss it.
    • Save newspaper and magazine articles of interest and share them. Some of our favorite magazines with short articles of interest are:
      • Reader’s Digest
      • Marriage Magazine
      • New Choices
      • Bottomline

    Get unplugged and read
    You can move closer to each other intellectually by reading together. But to find the time, you may have to switch off the TV, log off the Internet, put down your Blackberry, delay the home-improvement project, or say no this week to ten other requests.

    Trust us, your marriage will be better for it — and you read it right here!

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